14 August 2012

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Lacquers -- Blue Reef, Opulent Pink, Macaron Noisette

To be honest with ya.. L’Oreal Paris is not a brand that I’d look at, at all. And I’m not too sure as to why!

I think it may be because L’Oreal has always stood out to me as a ‘luxury brand’ of the drugstores/lower-end brands. Many products from L’Oreal comes with an outstanding price tag and I’m very much about beauty on a budget, so you’ll never see me at L’Oreal browsing!

But from now on, I have a strong feeling that I will never skip L’Oreal’s stand at Priceline anymore!!!

Yeap, just for their Colour Riche Le Vernis!

I’ve been holy golly into nail colours lately (pretty sure you can tell!) and these nail lacquers isn’t just only affordable... The pigmentation [for the three shades I own] is pretty impressive and the luxurious dress-to-impress packaging gives off such a ‘high-end’ feel!! Love love love..

So the very first shade I tried is the is 613 Blue Reef! I found it pretty odd since I never touch blues/greens on the first pick, but the shade just seemed so elegant and unique to my collection!

Blue Reef is a medium-dark teal shade with a creme finish. No shimmers, no nothing. Just glossy! This shade applied well, would do just fine with two coats and lasted a whole week on me with minor tip wear. I was surprised at the amount of  compliments I've received for this shade actually!

Just so lovely, right? ;)

So of course, following Blue Reef is 211 Opulent Pink because I LOVE my red and pink nails! It's a nice medium rose-pink with a creme finish! 

This shade particularly applied SO well and it is SO pigmented that you can really just let it pass with one coat! My favourite out of the three I own, but it only lasted approximately three days on me before it started chipping.. :(

Lastly, 102 Macaron Noisette is a pretty champagne shade which looks very much like a nude colour on my nails! I'm actually not a big fan of nude colours as I love the bright-and-bolds, but I won't deny it's a perfect shade to wear to sneak into Friday's classes which doesn't allow nail polishes! Hehehehe.. sneaky!

Macaron Noisette has very, very subtle shimmers but still has that glossy finish! Unlike others, it's quite sheer I do prefer three coats! Lasted approx 5 days on me, so it's pretty good!

However, one crucial thing to mention is the fast-drying formula which isn't always necessarily a good thing. The only reason why I find it to be a thumbs down for this particular nail polish is because of the brush size.

It's all up to you and your personal preferences, but I find it really hard to work with big brushes! I'm sure you can see in the photos above.. the brushes are much wider than usual!

So for someone like me, time is what I need to work with these. Therefore if the nail lacquers are too fast drying, it ends up being gloopy and thick on my nails! Yikes!

Nevertheless, I still really like these nail polishes and it definitely won't stop me from purchasing more shades! Fingers crossed that the other 33 shades will contain some frost, metallic or shimmer finishes!

Have you tried L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Lacquers?
I know Samantha is hosting a giveaway for these nail lacquers, so you may want to check that out!

L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis retails for $6.95 at Priceline and other L'Oreal stockists.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post was provided for consideration only. I am not obligated to mention, review or post about the products. All opinions are of my own and remains uninfluenced.


  1. Ive always thought the same way you do, i never stop to look at loreal..

    this post has changed my mind :) thanks x

    1. You must check L'Oreal next time you see a stand then Suzie! ^_^

  2. Macaron Noisette looks sooo nice! just added it into my wishlist :P

  3. Awesome post!
    I brought and reviewed 2 of these the 101 Opera Ballerina & 602 Perle Da Jade.
    Love them but so expensive for the size!
    Thanks for a great post!
    Sakura x

  4. I want to buy the whole collection just based on one little impulse purchase! Love these!


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