03 October 2014

Drugstore Beauty Launches for Australia -- October 2014

HI you cutie patooties. Gah, things haven't been going too well for me in the past fewer days (some personal problems). So much that I've decided to put my reports and assessments on hold. Seriously no motivation.

But I thought I'd focus on something different rather than laying in bed, melting away in this 30 degrees Sydney weather (love it!). So here's this month's launch post! Not on the 10th, or 15th! Actually on time... Ok. Somewhat, the 3rd isn't too bad.


Innoxa Skin Perfecting CC Primer ($24.95)
Helps to conceal redness, bright dull skin and minimise the appearance of skin discolourations. Formulated with micro-fine pearls to luminise the skin, they said, so I'm gonna assume the product will be pearly. Ah, stuff like this never works for my skin, whether used as a base or worn alone (this one says you can wear it alone). Ditto, anyone?

Australis Mix It Colour Correcting Foundation ($15.95)
As we all know, yellow, purple and green pigments are the three main colour-based correctors when it comes down to perfecting the skin. I've read the description of this new water-based foundation range by Australis over and over, and I'm just not getting it.

(A snapshot, because I couldn't find any press images!)

Says "Mix it", but there are 4 similar shades of foundation. Not sure if the 3 pigments are infused in the foundation's formula, or they are actually available in solo yellow, mauve and green. Either way, doesn't sound too appealing to me. Pass!

Australis AC ON TOUR Contour & Highlighting Kit ($16.95)
Looking pretty promising this one... It's a highlighting and contouring kit. Trio of highlighting shades and contouring shades as you can see! I'm sure we all know what to do with these shades, so I'll cut it short. There's no OTT claims for this, so that's good. 

Couldn't find proper images, so again, a snapshot >_<

Sally Hansen Spring Racing Colour Collection ($9.95)
A new range in collaboration with Kate Waterhouse. SH fans will notice that the raneg is $9.95, instead of its usual pricing, which is $14.95.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Full Coverage 25 Hour Foundation ($17.95/7 shades)
Rimmel decided to take it up a notch this month, with their new 25-hour lasting foundation. Hahahha. A"comfort serum" is also embedded in the formula. It claims to:

  • Provide instant perfect coverage that feels comfortable and lasts all day
  • Blends flawlessly, seamlessly, instantly and easily
  • Sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer ($?)
Up to 8 hours extended make-up wear, according to Rimmel. Has a skin perfecting formula, visibly blurs and minimises pores and imperfections. Skin will look instantly smoother and appear brightened.

Short launch list this month, so I thought I'd add in some skincare products!

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion ($6.50/2)
In-shower body lotions. Pretty straight forward! There's two scents to this range -- Honey Indulging and Cocoa Indulging.

Cetaphil Suntivity SPF50+ Ultra-Light Lotion ($20.95/100mL)
Hoorray for all the sunscreen-junkies! SPF50+ sunscreen. I've been so out of the beauty blogosphere lately, I'm not sure if this is the first one (probably not) to launch with SPF50+ or not. Whether yes or no, it's still one to celebrate for, methinks!

Non-greasy, 4 hour water resistant, oil-free, fragrance and paraben free are some good stuff I've picked from the list of description about this!

Sukin Calming Night Cream ($19.95/120mL)
Claims to soften and soothes the complexion overnight. Sounds exactly like what I need. The cream has been formulated with actives of cucumber, chamomile and aloe vera to soften the skin.

Sukin Moisture Rich Body Creme ($14.95/250mL)
A moisturising body cream that features a fragrance of orange, lavendar and vanilla (sounds yum!) complemented by myrtle and lime. Formula with cocoa butter, shea butter, sesame and jojoba to hydrate. Rose hip oil and aloe vera too, for a bunch of other basic-moisturizing claims. Zzzz..

That's all for this month! Not bad products, tell me how you like it with the poll below!

Thanks for visiting this spot. Your support of these monthly launch posts means a lot to me. I hope I could return to blogging soon after I get everything back on track.

Mwa x


  1. This is a great post! An amazing roundup, with a few I hadn't heard about yet! Can't wait to check out the Australis contour kit, I think that will be a fan favourite if it's good! I also love the look of the new Sukin products :) X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty


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