09 October 2014

Some Outstanding Sales (09 Oct 2014) -- Priceline, Target, Chemist Warehouse


Long time no SOS. I'm sure I've been missing out on a lot of good sales!  

I've decided to check back at the beauty catalogues today, and lucky me... Priceline's was released today, Chemist Warehouse's only recently, and I'm not too late for Target's! I thought I'd hit back with a SOS post to share with you all! 


1. PRICELINE: Maybelline, 3 for 2 -- They've released some new products lately, the SuperStay Better Skin range in particular if you've been longing to try those! Ends 22 October.

2. PRICELINE: All REVLON nails, $9.95 -- if you're still lusting after those Parfumeries or their new Gel Envy range, then now like a good time! Ends 22 October.

3. PRICELINE:S by Savvy range - $3 each. I didn't know they had a separate "S by Savvy" range, but I could see that there's a very pretty coral lippy in the catalogue! Ends 22 October.

4. PRICELINE: Bourjois' selected lippies are marked "SAVE $5".  Ends 22 October.

5. PRICELINE: Australis' face (foundations, blushers, bronzers, spritz, concealers) products are all $10! Stock up on those Fresh & Flawless powders girlfranz! Or you could take a peek at their new Mix It! Foundation, featured in Oct's launch post >  Ends 22 October.

6. PRICELINE: Rimmel's foundations aren't pricey to begin with, but any saving is some kind of save, so.. Rimmel's foundations, all $12 each. Ends 22 October.

7. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: 30% off all Maybelline EYES. Ends 19 October.

8. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Revlon lip products, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Ends 19 October.

9. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Sally Hansen's Spring Racing Colour Collection, $7.99 (45% off). Ends 19 October.

10. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Revlon's foundations, $20 each! Ends 19 October.

11. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Garnier Micellar All In One Cleansing Water, $7.99. A bit of a random feature, but since everyone seems to like it, I thought I'd might as well include this! Ends 19 October.

12. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Sun protection products. Please make sure you do slap on sunscreen where-ever you go this Spring/Summer! There's a whole bunch of brands on sale at CW, so take a peek at their catalogue. Ends 19 October.

13. TARGET: L'Oreal -- Buy one, get 50% off on the second product. Ends 15 October.

14. TARGET: 30% OFF: NP Set, Nude for Nature, Sally Hansen, Chi Chi, Rimmel, Max Factor, Covergirl and Maybelline . Ends 15 October.

Ah, not really sure what I feel like hoarding home this time. I've spring-cleaned recently, and I, just, have... too much make-up I don't use!

I think I'd pass!

Let me know what products you'll be peeking at though!


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