19 October 2014

Face Of Australia Lip Paints Review & Face Swatches!

I don't think I've ever been so excited to trial lipglosses like this time, ever. Loved them in highschool, but that phase is long gone. Moved onto lipsticks and never really looked back.

There are some lip glosses that I do adore and pick up to use here and there though. Lately, I've been so into pouty lips that I've been reaching for lip glosses more often.

So these landed on my desk at the PERFECT timing!

Not many shades, only 6 shades, but wide range. Not too bad.

My first thoughts were that they may be mixable like the OCC Lip Tars, but once I saw this squeeze-tube packaging, I immediately knew that they are definitely not! Yeah, I did read that they were described as "lipstick/gloss hybrids", but I somehow imagined away anyways. Hahahaha.

The packaging, poses a lot of problems for the "lipstick/lipgloss hybrid formula". It's true that wearing these alone will give you a stained lips effect, but with some shades, it looks very messy!

The packaging of these are not made to define, which is actually very necessary when the product is pigmented (especially with the darker, and some brighter shades). With this packaging, it's hard to strive for clean edges. Hard to strive for a non-blotchy application.

It would be more ideal if these were packaged with doe-foot applicators. (๑´•д • `๑)

Nude Nymph, Tangerine Queen, Pretty In Pink

Poison Apple, Very Berry, Fired Up Fuchsia

Besides that, the formula, it's pretty nice. I can't say that it's exceptionally great, but it's pigmented, and glossy, as it's supposed to be. I really like how it feels on the lips. Not thick at all, not overly sticky and smells fruity. The only problem is its potential to bleed when worn alone (with the darker shades), AND, the glossiness only lasts for about an hour. After that, the pretty gloss is pretty much gone, though the tint of colour is definitely still visible.

WARNING: Photos ahead are makeup-less, with swelled up cheeks (had my wisdom teeth removed two days ago, okay?!)

Poison Apple
Casual red gloss that gives a pretty, rosy-stained look when worn alone though. Can be blotchy, but somehow forgivable. Much thanks to KPOP culture for the stained-red lips trend, that makes blotchy-red lips forgiveable.

Tangerine Queen
This was surprisingly pretty. The packaging makes it look very intense, but it's such a pretty orange colour on the lips! Although it's quite bright, it's one of the easier-to-apply shades. Not as blotchy, this one.

Very Berry
OK. THIS SHADE. VERY DARK, VERY PIGMENTED, BUT VERY BLOTCHY! Definitely need to take some time to apply this if you're gonna be sporting this alone.

Fired Up Fuchsia
Initially, I thought this was a MLBB colour. It's clearly not. Very punchy shade, but not as hard to apply as other shades.

Nude Nymph
The easiest shade to apply and wear alone out of the whole collection. This shade was surprisingly pigmented! It could pass as a nude lip when worn alone (and my lips are naturally quite pigmented)!

(I look like a zombie here, hahaha)

Pretty In Pink
Light and cool-toned. Very unusual shade for me. However, although it's a lighter shade, still quite pigmented when worn alone.

I LOST THE PRODUCT FOR THIS....... (✖╭╮✖) Yeah, I really have no idea where it is. Lucky I took a snap of it when I was wearing it to Uni to trial. Here it is:

Ah. I'm so bummed. I hate having inconsistent photos!

That's all for the six shades! Urgh, I'm so sorry about the last photo! Rar rar rar rar rar.

Overall, I don't think they live up to the "full, opaque coverage" claim. However, they're not bad products. The packaging is bad though. And with some of the darker shades, you may not like how blotchy they'll look as they wear off. Reason why I'd prefer to wear these over a lippy.

My top pick... Tangerine Queen, only because I don't have any oranges in my collection that's flattering like so! Nude Nymph is impressive too, but I'm not a fan of nudes..

Which of these shades are your favourite picks?!
Will you be looking into these?

Face Of Australia Lip Paints, $6.95 , 15mL, available at FOA stockists.

Disclaimer: Products featured in this post were provided for review consideration only. 


  1. I always get a bit excited when I see a post from you! haha I've seen these lippies in Priceline and the nude shade was sold out!

    1. Aw!!! Thanks Wendy. I've been MIA for so long. I missed everyone and everything about blogging! Strange to hear that the nude shade is sold out! :o


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