16 May 2013

Some Outstanding Sales (16 May 2013): Priceline, Chemist Warehouse

It's been a bit over a month since my last sales post, can ya believe?!

1. PRICELINE: HALF PRICE on Garnier BB Cream range -- great if you're looking forward to try out their *new* Sensitive BB Cream. Ends 20 May 2013.

2. PRICELINE: HALF PRICE on Sally Hansen Beauty Tools, Nail Colours and Treatments. Ends 20 May 2013.

3. PRICELINE: $10 on Rimmel London mascaras -- stock up if your HG is from this range! Ends 20 May 2013.

4. PRICELINE: HALF PRICE on Maybelline's selected DREAM Foundations. Ends 20 May 2013.

5. PRICELINE: Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) on Maybelline's Lips and Nails. Ends 20 May 2013.

6. PRICELINE: 2 for $10 on Rimmel Nail Polishes!!!!!!! I've been eye-ing TWO colours.. FINALLY? Ends 20 May 2013.

7. PRICELINE: 3 for $10 on Beauty Essentials (BE) Skincare range. Ends 20 May 2013.

8. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: 30% OFF Sukin range! Ends 20 May 2013.

9. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: 30% OFF Palmer's Facial Skincare range! Ends 20 May 2013.


  • 50% OFF Rimmel London
  • 50% OFF Revlon
  • 50% OFF Sally Hansen
  • 50% OFF Maybeline

10. THE BODY SHOP: I've gathered from Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries that The Body Shop is going through a clearance sale! For those interested, check their online website or head to your local store! Until stock lasts.

That's alllllllllllll. 

What are you eye-ing from this sales post?

I've been eye-ing two nail polishes from Rimmel London for the LOOOOOOOONGEST time, I kid you not. At second thought, I may just have to pass the deal up.. Too many nail polishes at home! Any more nail polishes then you'll be seeing me on Hoarders.


  1. I'm sooo tempted by the Chemist Warehouse 50% I've avoided going in there because my bank account would hate me!

  2. Thanks for this post :) super useful. I have a couple of rimmel polishes and I don't love them. Colours are pretty but formula is tricky to work with....hopefully that helps you!

  3. Omg my poor bank account :( Already spent like crazzzzzzy! About to do a haul post on my page lol

  4. If only I had held out on the Maybelline Vivids till now hah! :p I hope to get some of the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains from Chemist Warehouse at 50% off but not sure if I'll be able to find them...

  5. i think i might pick up a couple Maybelline Vivids :3 hopefully they havent sold out of the colors i want!

    à la foliee


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