14 May 2013

Arbonne Cosmetics Lipstick in Coral Reef


There's never too many corals in my books. I can have thousands and millions and billions of coral lipsticks and I wouldn't be bored. I know my pocket and Mumma wouldn't be too happy though :P

Prior to trialling Arbonne Cosmetics, I've actually never heard of the brand before. Little research gave me an idea that it's actually an independent brand, like Avon and Mary Kay, their products are only accessible through their consultants.

Received three products, but my first to hit up is this coral lipstick!

Thin, black and sturdy packaging. I find that the cap tends to fall off quite often in my bag though! :(

The lipstick itself is much pinker in life, than as the shade preview on the packaging. So the shades aren't exactly spot-on which is a bummer if you're ordering from Arbonne online, methinks. 

The formula of this lipstick glides on extremely well. No grips, nor drags. VERY well done in terms of pigmentation -- one light application to hit opacity. I always skip lip balms, because the formula is actually quite moisturising and any additional balm would make this lipstick slip and slide. The texture is very creamy, almost butter-like, which will melt on the lips and sit comfortably throughout the wear time.

I really enjoy wearing this pretty coral shade out and abouts. It's a lovely shade when APPLIED, but also looks really good during its fading stage too! WOO! Would it sound whack to say that I would much prefer the faded colour over the full application of this colour though? Eeek... I think so.

Sadly, it doesn't wear long at all. Not in my books anyways. I'm really not one for constant reapplication, so I do dread to touch up every 2-3 hours.. It's a lipstick that I'd wear if I have to "look pretty" for a short period of time, but definitely not one I'd sport for a long-day wear.

Have you ever heard of Arbonne cosmetics?
Share with me some of your FAVE coral lipsticks!

I sure do enjoy sporting the formula and the shade. Too bad, it didn't make my hit list, but also not THAT bad to be deemed as a "miss".

Arbonne Cosmetics Lipstick, 14 shades, $AUD36, available to purchase from their website.

Disclaimer: This product was provided for review consideration. All opinions expressed within this post are of my own and remains uninfluenced. Please refer to this site's disclosure policy. 


  1. The colour is literally gorgeous on you :o it suits you amazingly! It's a shame about the wear time though.


  2. That is an incredibly beautiful shade!

  3. What makeup are you using? You look gorgeous!

  4. What a beautiful sheen!


  5. That's such a pretty shade, definitely one I would wear everyday :)

  6. I have this in Jam! I agree it has a beautiful consistency but it wears off really fast for a lipstick! Much less forgiving in darker colours :/

  7. The packaging and shade of this lipstick looks stunning! The colour really suits you :) x

  8. The colour seems to look more pink than coral! However the shade really suits you :D

  9. Love this color on you. It really brightens up your entire look and is a beautiful shade.


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