20 May 2013

[Overdue] Priceline 40% OFF Haul: Australis, Face Of Australia, Sally Hansen & essence

Doesn't matter if you're a beauty junkie or not -- everyone should've heard of Priceline's 40% off cosmetics sale which happened... um.. 3-4 weeks ago? I will smack you if you tell me you had no clue!!!

Of course, knowing me... I didn't hoard home much at all. Not much at all... Yeah. *sarcasm ends here* :P
When I caught the news that Priceline was going to have 40% off all cosmetics, I compiled a list of brands that I was going to check out, which includes:

  • Australis -- We all know... My fave brand!! Yipeee!
  • Face Of Australia -- Their range is generally a tad cheaper than Australis, but their quality is comparable.
  • essence -- NEVER has sales in which I'm assuming is because their products are already SO inexpensive, so you can imagine their price drops with the 40% off!
  • Savvy by DB -- Their products used to be cheaper, but it seemed like the brand had a make-up with a slight price increase. I've always over their blushersso 40% off calls for the perfect chance!

  • Australis Fresh & Flawless Powder in Darkest Brown -- I have this at home and I've already hit pan so it was time to restock! I've only realised now that the shade is too dark for me... Will be going to my sister.
  • Face Of Australia Lip Liner in Sugar Rose -- I've used FOA's mechanical lip liners before and they are creamy, pigmented and fairly long-lasting! Little did I know, I've accidentally picked up the pencil versions.. :( It's such a lovely pink colour though!
  • Face Of Australia HD Liquid Eyeliner -- Reviewed this before and I really like it.
  • Face Of Australia Blush in O Peachy -- Have this at home already. It's golden shimmers makes a lovely highligh on the cheeks! I've purchased this for my upcoming Instagram giveaway (@the_beautifool).

Also snagged 4 nail polishes by essence in Off To Miami, The Boy Next Door, Time for Romance and Date In The Moonlight. They were all less than $2 each! I've been wanting to try essence nail polishes for the loooooooongest time, let me tell ya.

Of couse, I couldn't pass up on lipsticks so easily. Grabbed four:
  • Savvy by DB Matte Lipstick in Guava
  • Rimmel London Lipstick in Pink Blush
  • 2 x essence Lipsticks in More To Love -- One for myself and one for upcoming Instagram giveaway!

Then there's blushers and a foundation stick >_<" Woop. It's starting to feel like it's quite a hoard now...
  • Face Of Australia Stick Foundation -- I LOVE FOA's Lasting Looks Natural Foundation and I know their stick foundations have been raved by a few other bloggers.. I just had to!
  • Savvy by DB Blushers -- Yes! THREE. Two in Rose and one in Silky Pink. The extra is for giveaway.. Yeah. I always hoard home items for giveaway, but there just never seems to be enough time and products to HOST a giveaway! I also really wanted their baked blushers, but a strange force held me back.. Many thanks to that strange force.. Must be Mum's constant nagging of my growing collection >_<"

Before the 40% sale, I also grabbed two nail polishes by Sally Hansen. They were around $4 each! Too cheap to resist!
  • Pacific Blue -- Deemed as a favourite by many and also because I've been into blue nails lately!
  • Green with Envy -- Jaci posted about this yonks ago and I've added it to my wishlist ever since! Hehehehe.. Haven't worn green nails in yonks!

What did YOU manage to basket at Priceline's 40% sale?
Any goodies that you'd like to share?

In all, I spent around $50 with the 40% off. I also grabbed a few other items, but returned them because I felt like I wasn't going to reach for them, therefore, didn't want to add to my existing stash.


  1. Better late than never I say! :P
    Great haul! The Savvy baked blushes do look soooo sooo good! I picked up FOA primer,Essence Sun Club eyeshadow palette, and raved Essence lip liners!!

  2. I got some Essence, Australis, Revlon and Sinful colours too!
    My post: http://besweetxo.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/priceline-40-off-cosmetics-haul.html

  3. Pacific Blue looks like such a gorgeous, bright colour. I remember when I tried Savvy by DB blushes when I first started getting into makeup, I got a mineral one called something Rose or Peach, I can't remember LOL. It was actually not too bad, I think I still have it now, albeit relegated to the back of my blush drawer where I mainly forget about its existence :p And I can relate to your mother's nagging about your "growing collection" ;)

  4. I love the Savvy by DB blushes! I have two of them already and they are gorgeous! And oh my, those polishes look stunning! I'm kicking myself for not picking up some of them!

  5. What a great haul!! I've been looking at buying some of the FOA blushes lately, but really don't need another blush!

    I sadly missed out on it. I don't have a local priceline, and would have to take my toddler with me, so even though it was a great sale, the hassle of a trip there wasn't worth it for me, especially as I had just bought from them the week before when they had the free beauty bag.

  6. Ooh lovely haul :) Woohoo blushes! I haven't heard of that Essence shade of lipstick, must go check it out now!

  7. i used to have the Savvy blushes in rose and nutmeg frost, not sure if those exact shades still exist but nutmeg frost was my favourite back in high school

  8. Though I raraoey buy Essence products, because I don't really trust awesomely-low-price products for great quality, I like their nail polishes quite a lot ^_^ I love Rimmel lipsticks!

  9. Those nail polishes are sooooooo lovely! I wish we had this brand in the UK xxx

    Gemma | ♥ MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

  10. I was expecting a bigger haul from you :P Time for a Romance is sooo pretty and I wish the glitters in Date in a Moonlight was more noticeable.


  11. What a great haul, i really want to try the Face of Australia blush and Australis powder !

  12. OMG! Twinsies! I got the exact same Sally Hansen nail polish shades! Pacific Blue and Green with Envy! One reminds me of clouds.. the other remind me of avocadoes.. uhm yeah.. HAHAHA! Love it!


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