02 May 2013

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- May 2013

WADDUP. Sorry. Late post this month.. I've been jam packed of work, and launch posts are by far, the most time-consuming posts to do!

There are quite a few products this month too, so let's lessen the talk and jump straight into it!

Carmex's Moisture Plus in Peach Sheer Tint
Carmex's Moisture Plus Lip Balms areone of my top favourites when it comes to lip care! Their range consists of one clear balm and another which is pink-tinted. I'm glad to know that there will be another tint added to their existing range, Peach Sheer Tint! ^_^ I'm a fan of everything coral/peachy!

RRP $8.99

Innoxa Lip Glaze & Invisible Lip Shaper
These Antioxidant Lip Glazes are described to nourish, repair and leave the lips looking healthy whilst being non-sticky. The Invisible Lip Shape that comes along "assists in creating pout-perfection" which can also be used as a lip primer... Actually, now that I've thought about it, there has never been a lip primer in the Australian cosmetics market. Eep!

RRP $14.95, 5 shades for Lip Glazes, 1 shade for Invisible Lip Shaper

Hello Kitty Body Mist in Vanilla Ice Cream
Similar to Australis' launch of their body mists last month, Hello Kitty has a spankin' new scent to add to their existing range, called 'Vanilla Ice Cream'.

I LOVE anything vanilla scented, so this may just be the one for me!

RRP $4.99

Face Of Australia GLITTERATI Nail Lacquer Collection
GLITTERS!! I've posted the swatches of their latest collection here. They are right up my alley, and if you're a glitter lover, then I'm sure you'd love these too. They are affordable, and I love the fact that some glitter lacquers consists of squared and barred glitter pieces. It's hard to find squared or barred glitter lacquers here in Australia, so I'm lovin' it!

RRP $4.95, 8 shades.

Australis Go Long Longwear Lipsticks
If you not in for their previously launched Pout Pastes simply because you're a lipstick gal... then I may just have the answer for YOU! They've brought out  lipsticks this time, and they are MATTE. I've already swatched these here, and many others (including myself) agrees that this range consist of quite a few darker and deeper shades. Personally, I don't opt for deeper shades, but if you do, then why not give these a go?!

RRP $12.95

BYS Caviar Nails
I'm not too sure if Caviar nails are still on-trend, but BYS has came out with their own version which is pretty affordable for those who can't get enough of fish-egg manicures ;)

RRP $7.95, 10 shades.

Revlon also released quite a few products...

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream
Another BB cream for the Aussie beauty junkies! Revlon describes their BB cream to be a light-weight and multi-functional product which combines skincare, make-up and sunscreen in one. Too many times I've heard this said, but not done. Will Revlon's BB Cream be "the one"?

RRP $35, I'm pretty sure there's a few shades, but can't pin point the exact shades available. Eep!

Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow + Sparkle
They've also released 8 eyeshadow palettes in this range which consists of a "smoothing primer, three coordination eyeshadows which can be used wet or dry, and a sparkling top coat". I'm not too sure about the primer. I think it MAY be a "priming eye colour" instead of the actual eyeshadow primer... I'm pretty confused. The "sparkling top coat" is also an eyeshadow shade to be used as an "overcoat".

RRP $25.95, 8 different palettes (bolds & neutrals)

Revlon PhotoReady Skin Lights Illuminators
Illuuuuuminators!! I actually didn't expect this from Revlon! Revlon describes these to be "light-weight liquid illuminators" which were designed to "enhance the skin's natural radiance, boost the skin's natural illuminosity, minimise flaws, enhance the skin with a sheer tint and protect the skin from the harsh environment". Everything on the list is ok... But I honestly don't understand how an illuminator can "protect the skin from the harsh environment". Wuht?

RRP $29.95, a few shades. 

On top of that.. This may be old news to you, but Woolworths Town Hall (Sydney) NOW has full-service beauty department! Their newly-launched beauty department includes beauty brands such as Model Co, Essie, St Tropez, L'Oreal and more! I don't think the full-service beauty department are available at any other Woolworths, unfortunately.

What do you think of Woolworths launching a beauty department?
Two in one -- grocery and cosmetics shopping?

What products are you looking forward to trying?

For me, I'm quite over the amount of make-up I have.. so I am not looking forward to any of this month's launches although I wouldn't mind Innoxa's Invisible Lip Shaper or Hello Kitty's Vanilla Ice Cream body spray! Heh!


  1. I want to try Revlon's BB Cream, but woaah that's expensive! =_= Otherwise, the Glitterati polishes are so pretty, will pick some up soon!

  2. I agree with the above comment. I wanted to try the Revlon BB Cream since it launched in the US but $35?! Are you kidding?! I'm pretty sure I got a ticket to MELBOURNE for $39! That's kind of insane.

    1. Oh and Woolworths Beauty Department sounds awesome! Two birds with one stone. Food + beauty products. The joys of life.

  3. All the girls at my school use the Hello Kitty Bubblegum version and it gives me a pounding headache! Hope that you do well on your assignments!

  4. $35 for Revlon BB cream!? Goodness, that's just as much as their foundations. I think BB creams should be worth less than foundations tbh -.-
    Thanks for the post!

  5. Thanks for the effort you put into these posts! I like the look of the Revlon illuminators, though I wonder how the FOA versions would compare? And that's so awesome that your Woolies has a beauty section!

    x Tashi

  6. Great post! That's interesting, beauty at woolworths is the last place I'd expect it!

  7. Those Revlon Illuminators sound interesting - I wonder how close they are to the Age Defying Spa Face ones (no idea what the actual, long name of it was without Googling, LOL). Probably very similar is my bet. It's kind of amazing how many releases Revlon make in a year! Still have yet to come across any of the FOA glitter polishes :(

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  9. Kmart currently has $4 off Face of Australia cosmetics so the polishes are only 75cents each!! :D

  10. Don't think I will be purchasing much make up over the next few months but I have yet to visit the beauty department at Woolworths! Should have went yesterday when I was trying to find something to do in the city for two hours yesterday.

  11. All these cosmetics take the concept of beauty to a whole new level. The shades are enough for any woman to flip over and buy the whole lot. Can wait to get surprised with the next series of revlon released.


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