20 May 2012

NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose Photos, Swatches & Review

 G'day everyone!

Wanted to quickly share with you thoughts of this lipstick that I've been trialling, NYX's Tea Rose from their humongous collection of Round lipsticks!

I believe Tea Rose is a shade loved and owned by most, probably the reason why the same shade is also available in their Mega Shine Lip Glosses, Cream Blushes and Matte Lipsticks ranges.

Not sure how or if the shades differ, but to the point.. NYX's Round Lipstick in Tea Rose is a very pretty, cool-toned medium pink of a satin finish!

Comes in a plain black packaging with the shade name's sticker on top and a shade viewer on the bottom which is pretty true to shade. Very convenient for the storage of lippie hoarders, *hands up* mee.. kinda!

I find Tea Rose to stand out on my light-medium skin tone quite a bit, so I would usually dab it on for a sheerer coverage. I find that dabbing it on or applying it with a lip brush gives much of a better feel also, for the formula has much of a slippery and glide-y feel on the lips. It's pretty annoying, I must admit, as it does feel like the lip colour will smear, instead of 'setting in' or sit nicely on the lips. Adding to it, the lipstick doesn't taste very nice, so having it so glide-y honestly won't help..

The wear time for Tea Rose is pretty impressive. After about half an hour of wear, it starts to feel less slippery, more settled and less glossy. It can last for long hours, but definitely needs touch ups after lunch/meals.

I did have higher hopes for NYX Round lipsticks as reads from blogs described them to be very moisturising and creamy with an intense colour pay-off. Of course, I'm more-than-impressed with the pigmentation. Tea Rose is VERY pigmented which is a big tick on my list, but.. I don't feel like it's moisturising in any way and certainly is not creamy.

So at this stage, I only wish it's less velvety and more grippy, but not so grippy that it's dryin', ya know what I mean, jellybean?

Never thought I'd say that to a lipstick. Lol. Seriously.. glides on lovely. But too lovely can be a problem too.

P.S. Remember to store them in a cool environment, they do melt in warmer weathers!

Extremely pigmented, but too slippery on the lips! If you don't mind the velvety texture, these lipsticks will do you well as they last for fairly long and are cheaper than chips! Not available in Australia though, but CherryCulture carries them with regular sales!

Have you tried the well-known NYX Round Lipsticks?
Let me know about your experience!

NYX Round Lipsticks retails for $4.00 online at CherryCulture.com and is available in 144 shades.


  1. I really want to try NYX round lipsticks!! But I'm not allowed to order anything online :( even though its only $4!!! grrr
    Tea Rose looks soo pretty!!

    1. Hi Sheri,
      What are you not allowed to order anything online? Are you afraid that you might end up purchasing fake products? I know an online makeup shop which offers authentic products. You can check them out: http://www.kallony.com.ph/brand/nyx

  2. I love NYX Round lipsticks in general, such pretty shades and a great price!
    I do get what you mean about some being TOO lovely and moisturising, haha.

    Sharleena xx

    1. They do have very pretty shades!! ^_^ Aww!! Glad you know what I mean :P

  3. Loovee the colour!
    Holy frack 144 shades? Didn't know there were so many colours!!!!
    I'm waiting on a NYX order from CC that I made over 2 weeks ago now... only got 3 blushes and 3 lip glosses this time but I really want this lipstick now. Have heard plenty of good things about it in the past!

  4. Omg this is the one colour from NYX i've wanted the most (and Fig as well!), but it's ALWAYS out of stock whenever I check anywhere.
    It's such a pretty pink but it's just too popular haha :(

  5. The shade is really pretty on you! I have it too, but I think it looks a lot nicer on you :D

  6. & you always do such a great job with swatches

  7. Been thinking about buying NYX products for a really long time, not sure if there's a better site to buy it from other than Cherry Culture though :(


  8. ooh Tea Rose looks really nice on you! I actually think I have this pair but lost it.. that or I was deciding between this and Thalia (which is darker). I really, really like this shade.

  9. oh, this looks lovely on you, you desperately make me want to buy it! x

  10. wow! find the lipstick color very nice and fresh! you look so cute :D <3


  11. Your soo cute Ms.Tram! me want this lippy to :(
    ~~follower from the PH!



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