18 May 2012

May Empties

I know, I know!

It's not even the end of the month yet, why is this post labelled as 'May Empties?'. Well, I actually held onto these empties for a while now, maybe a few months and I seriously cannot hold onto them for any longer, so I figure I need to post urgently!

These empties are from the last fewer months. Pretty weird having a bunch of used products lined up on your table if you ask me!

Johnson's Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes, one of those items that I said "I'll review them tomorrow..." and I ended up using them all instead! But, overall, good wipes -- effective, quick cleanse, moist and didn't give that slight sting after use! Will repurchase to do a separate review and these are not bad!

Yes To Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes comes in one of the prettiest make-up remover wipes packaging. With a click on lid instead of the usual sticker, it saves much more moist and is much more travel friendly. I like the material of this better. Lately, it hasn't been stinging, but it used to when I first started using em!

Omgaah! I finished this Dove Foaming Make-Up Remover YONKS ago! Probably from beginning of the year! It's a good make-up remover for the face, but I feel like it's not safe for the eyes. I know some beauties do use this in a way of a foaming cleanser make-up remover, but I prefer to put out the foam onto a cotton pad and go ahead with the usual! It's effective, cheap, fun to use and lasted me yonks. Will repurchase (also one of those products that I said I'll get to review, but never did).

What's this unbranded mascara, you asked? It's the NYX Volume Doll Eye Mascara I've purchased ages ago. Finally decide to dispose this. Been way too long and it's dried up. Loved this mascara once upon a time. Looked natural, held ma curls and did great for length although it's a 'volume' mascara... lol. Would love to try out the length version!

Holy cow, this is one of the most grainiest exfoliater I've used! St Ives Apricot Scrub generally receives so much positive feedbacks from users. I find this to be abrasive on skin, but I liked it. Probably best for Summers though since it won't help with hydration for my dry skin in the Winter time.

Ok, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (the_Beautifool), you would've known that I've tried to dye my hair the very first time at home, and I used
John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour in Light Ash Brown. The selection of a light shade didn't turn out on my dark hair colour so boo for that.. But I did like the easy and messy-free process. Will probably give this another try in the future, but with a much lighter colour!

Ah, forever one of my favourite lip balms! Blistex Lip Conditioner is a bit pricier but works much better and faster than others (and has SPF20). Also has SPF20! I find this Blistex jar conditioner works much better than their other balm forms. Already have repurchased!

So, what has everyone been up to? Hope everyone's been having a great time and everything has been well!

For me, I've been SO busy with TAFE assessments whilst having this performance from the Voice Australia on repeat!

I LOVE both Kelsie's and Brittany's voice! You?

Disclaimer: Some products mentioned in this post were sent by PR for consideration.


  1. Haha I did exactly what you did! Save a bunch for when it was the right time for a post.

    I didn't know foaming make up removers existed!!! It sounds like a great invention but too bad it's not great for the eyes hey?

  2. LOL Tram why don't you take photos after you finish a product then you can just chuck it out? Ahaha.
    I'd be really interested to compare the John Frieda dye to asian foam dyes!
    Yay The Voice! I haven't watched the last episode yet cos I was cramming for an oral.. I hope there's a repeat on this weekend otherwise I'll stream it online before the next ep :)


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