30 January 2012

Saturday/Sunday Steals #16

Weekend Steals Chapter 16... My oh my.

The weekend's weather has been awesome. Not gloomy and wet like the past few weeks which encourages sellers to gather and open up stalls. I'm such a market-addict now. I go even if there's only one line of stalls on a wet day!

From Saturday markets, I gathered four samples of Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and two My Beauty Diary masks. I'm not exactly sure how much these were as it was purchased in a lot with my mum's clothing and shoe picks.

Also, a toner by Clinique from their set for dry combination skin which I thought I'd try. I've found their Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion before.. slowly building up the kit here!

On to my favourite Sunday market! Yippee!

Three more B Collection (by Bloom) nail polishes to add to the two I bought (also from the markets) last time! They were $1.50 each which is ridiculously cheap!

Mumbai, Bahamas, Corfu

...And skincare products that are NIB for SO cheap today are the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturer and Ultra Sheer Daily Face Sunscreen Lotion. I have already tried both of these products: the moisturiser which was recommended by my dermatologist back in 2010 when I was on Roaccutane and the sunscreen lotion which I've finished and said will repurchase! So glad these two products totalled to only $6! You jelly?

Last but not least, this pretty necklace! As you can see, there's no clasp, but I'll work around that! It's so cute! I got this for $1, because there's no clasp. There were other eQUIP necklaces for dirt cheap, $2~$3.

Ah, Sunday markets never fail to impress me. Always lookin' forward to Sundays!

Thank you for reading! Any flea markets addict around here? Or thrifters?


  1. Hi Tram. Was wondering where are these markets at you go to ? Thanks.

  2. I love the flee markets back home where I'm from but the flea markets where I currently live are more of a tourist trap for nick knacks.

    Oh I use the Clinique clarifying lotion and love it!

  3. @Anon Hi! I go to Flemington Markets, there's a fruit and a swap and sell market and on Sundays, I go to Preston's Trash & Treasure markets! ^_^

  4. I definitely HAVE to get into this flea market thing! Now I just have to find some in Perth! :P

  5. Markets are honestly so fun, I wish we had something similar like that where I live... well, there probably is, I just don't know about it. >< Anyway, i really like everything you got and I'm excited to see you wear the polish!

  6. Awesome finds! I just reviewed Corfu, it is stunning nice saving on it! I wish markets here had those beauty diary masks, I'm desperate to try them

  7. @Phoebe You definitely have to!! If you google, there should be some around the area!! Let's hope so :P

    @MissFeelo They are!! You should google flea markets around your area! ^^

    @Emma I just tried the MBD masks! So goood! :D I'm looking to purchase more! Gonna raid your blog posts now! :P


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