13 September 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #12

I'm so excited to show you guys what I got from the markets in the last two weekends. I somehow always lag my post till about a week after! But seriously, blogging seems much more fun at night... Usually the same concept applies for games (the Sims 3! Yay!).

Okay so... I had no idea why last week's markets had so much "arty-stuff" such as paints and canvases. I bought a total of 8 painting canvases for 50 cents each with a free one ^-^!

These canvases are cost $2 to $4 at bargain stores, so they're actually not that pricey.. but hey! It's never a bad thing to get them for even cheaper. ;)

I also bought some 'bargain-store' acrylic paint in red and blue from the same seller, a bottle of [creamy white] craft paint and a tube of neon yellow craft paint -- all for $1 each.

For your information, I'm not much of an artist and I hate theoretical art. But I love abstract painting [because it doesn't need to make sense]! I used to paint in highschool for my Higher School Certificate project and I do have them pinned on my wall now :)

Besides the crafty stuff, I did also thrifted these two jackets!

This one [below] is by Bardot, I have no idea how old it is, but I think it's really cute! The bottom part there can be unzipped off turning it into a cropped coat/jacket! However, I think the arms a little too flared though... Oh wells! $4.

Also this skeletal print hoodie! It's a Size M, so it's a tad too big for me... but I love oversized hoodies! Considering that I wear tights all the time :$

Now.. more nail polishes! They were just so cheap and I couldn't resist :P

Chi Chi polishes (Shopaholic, Cat Fight) and B Collection polishes (Vancouver, Cologne)

Revlon nail polish 'Teak Rose', 'Geenie In A Bottle' by Glam Nails Manicare
Rimmel's 60 Seconds 'Portobello Pink'

The nail polishes above AND these two items before, I got altogether for $15! Cheap right?

A Max Factor lipstick in Bewitching Coral and a Revlon Colorstay eyeliner (crayon)

This Lancome quad which I believe, only comes with gift packs! I've always loved collecting these because of their handy packaging and decent pigmentation.

More thrifted polishes! Ulta3 in 'Lolly Pop Lilac' and 'Envy'. I LOVE frosty/foily nail polishes! I think it is amazingly pretty, but unfortunately, my local pharmacy doesn't stock these pretty frosty/foily picks :'(

And bangles! :S

Last but not least, I did come across this lady selling Clinque and Natio skincare and a few make-up products. There were toners, moisturizers, eye creams, lip balms and a whole other lot! I wasn't too interested, simply because the products she had doesn't suit my skin-type and conditions.. But then I saw that she had the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for $7!

I decided to round the sum up to $10 so I also purchased the eye cream she had by Natio :)
I'm actually in need of an eye cream for my dark circles so yay!!!!

Overall, I'm super happy with what I've purchased, considering that it's sooooooo cheap! I spent around $40 for all these stuff! I love markets!

Have you guys hauled or thrifted anything lately?


  1. woah nice paintings! you should post some close-ups! :) also those nail polish colours are very pretty


  2. If you aren't much of an artist then I have absolutely no hope, your paintings are amazing!!

  3. great haul...you sure found some great deals! i like you artwork...i used to do some painting back in art school too. it's really fun when you have time and all of the materials!

    thanks so much for stopping by :)
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  4. Wow, where are these markets you're going to?? That's a fantastic price for all of those items, nice work!

    First time reader, and I adore your paintings! Can't wait to see what you come up with to use the new paints and canvases - lately all I've seen are Jen Ramos (Cocoa&Hearts) all over the net and I probably should just pick up a brush myself and attempt the stripes before paying for the end result from someone else.

    Great blog! :)


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