17 September 2011

Products I DON'T like!

I've came to realise that I've always talked about my favourite products, but never so much of the products I don't like!

So these products are dusting in my 'unusable items' box and I wanted to overview them briefly before they are altered to a better use [which may not even be make-up related].

Let's start.

*Almay Smart Shade Make-up is number one on the list, I definitely do not recommend to anyone. This is harsh, but.. how can anyone like this product?

Retails for $30, claims to give a beautiful and natural coverage yet offers no coverage at all (not even a sheer/light coverage) and oxidizes to be quite orangey shade on the skin. Nuff said.

Oh.. hang on! It also claims to transform to your skin colour too!
Does it? Yes it does, but you don't pay 30 bucks for that amusing bullsh*t k?

Now that I got my biggest missed product in history out of the way, next!

*Missha The Style Perfect Pen Eyeliner ($8.99)
This was one of my first eyeliners when I've started out with make-up and I have to say that I did like it at first when I bought it home.

What made me grew to dislike it is that, I could only use it for roughly around 10 applications before I needed to replace it. The felt tip would eventually become worn out and not keep in shape which makes it difficult to use.

Adding to that, the colour 'black' isn't black, but rather a blue-ish grey and the formula is not fade-proof, smudge-proof or water-proof.

Hah.. I think I just described the perfect crap eyeliner.

*Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara ($35)
This was my first NP mascara and I gotta say... it doesn't lengthen [my lashes], offers very little volume and doesn't hold the curls of my Asian lashes.

What's a mascara like this for? Darken my lashes? Pft. Every other mascaras do that and also volumises and lengthens better.

P.S. They won't be costing a whopping $35 too.

*KleanColor Mascara 101 Washable
This was a tag-a-long with my make-up kit when I studied a make-up course, so I have no idea how much it costs. But this is very similar to the Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara (no length, no volume and doesn't hold curls), except it offers a tad more volume when applied.

So I guess if you're looking for a dupe of the Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara, you should check this out. *giggles*

*New Eyecurl II
I think I picked this up for about $21? I'm not enitrely sure, but I do find this curler to perform its job well.

What stopped me from using this and gradually abandoned this is its battery usage. It uses AA battery and it uses up the batteries SO quick! I'm not willing to purchase batteries every week for this little thing since batteries are quite expensive here. I might need to get my hands on a Panasonic [heated eyelash curler] or one by Manicare and see how that goes.

One more thing about this is its bulky packaging, though it's not heavy... it's still quite annoying and ugly.

*L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner
No idea whether this was a bad one or not, but it is quite clumpy so I never looked at it after trying to use it once. The formula is quite wet and 'runny' so it doesn't dry immediately and I don't digg that.

However, I do find that it's quite water resistant, but in the end, that's useless for its clumpiness.

*Revlon Mineral Lipglaze (~$17?)
Unlike the products mentioned above (basically a miss for anyone).. this product is a matter of personal preference.

This lipgloss doesn't favour me because of the overwhelming coconut scent which is oh-my-god! I hate it! I tried to use the gloss WITH the fragrance, but the gloss is actually quite sticky, feels heavy on my lips and has the tendency to smear.

So overall, I personally dislike this lip gloss.

*Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude ($21.95)
I bought this lipstick way back when I first started make-up, because it looked SO gorgeous on xteeener & bubzbeauty! It's actually not that bad., but I still don't like it though.

This shade is much of a peachy/apricot nude which doesn't quite suit me.
Makes me look like a dead fish, BUT I'm not complaining about the shade. The formula is unforgivable for how it accentuates the dryness/flakiness of my lips... and my lips aren't even dry to start off with! I do try to save this lipstick by priming my lips with a lip-balm before application, but it stills bring out as much dryness! Poo!

I find that the only times that this lipstick will work is when my lips are in perfect conditions (not overly moisturized or dry). Till then, it glides on very smoothly! Still makes me look dead though.

At the end of the day, this is more of a miss for me though I know some of you probably digg it. Sorry, but I'm not willing to wait and only use this for everytime my lips are in perfect condition. It's okay though. I have to admit that this is the better miss out of the bunch since I can use it to when I need to fake being sick or in a special inspired make-up look.

Hope you found this post helpful! Your turn to share!

Which products have you considered 'forever a miss'?


  1. so interesting to see the products that didn't work for you! I like how angry you sound~ I get so pissed off when products are shit too...like 'Where do you get off even SELLING this piece of crap???' haha

    And @ Lauren Baker...you obviously don't know about Australian makeup prices..

  2. i really digging the new layout and when it comes to products i always like to research the crap out of products before i buy them that way i dont usually end being pissed off at my spur of the moment product (i impulse buy sometimes..)

  3. i like the new layout and the "round pictures" .. ^^ haven't tried the products that you mentioned though, its not even available here xD

  4. I HATE it when I end up spending a bunch of $$ on something I end up not liking,
    especially when I only use it a couple of times.

    & I had the same problem with my electric eyelash curler, the battery would be dead so quickly I just gave up on it. Not worth always having to change the battery.

    And whenever possible I try to return stuff. Even if it's makeup, lots of department stores will accept them to be returned - especially if it caused a bad reaction to your skin or something. And I know some people feel guilty for returning makeup products (I used to be that way) but then I'd just feel like sh*t after because I felt like I was flushing money down the toilet. So when I discovered being able to return makeup, it was the best thing ever for my wallet.


  5. Holy crap, Almay & Revlon are expensive in Australia. The Almay "foundation" always seemed like a gimmick for me.
    I don't LOVE the Revlon matte lipsticks either but it's good when I want a nude lip, plus I always put a gloss on top.

  6. I've always been curious about Almay Smart Shade Make-up, it's a shame it sucks!

  7. @ Lauren Yes! The prices over here are crazy! :( You should check out the prices of the department stores' brands LOL.

    @ Choccocuro haha glad you found the post interesting :P I feel like this post is a tad too critical :3 oh wellz

    @ Sereniity Thanks! Glad you like the new layout :) I should put more effort into research products before buying it... meh :(

    @ Dana Ahh lucky you! Us Aussies don't get to return out products over here :'( Sucks :(

    @ conniewxx Yes! Everything is much more pricey in Australia :$ Glad the matte lipsticks works for you :)

    @ GABY You know what to expect from it now! :P Avoid it !! XD


  8. Thanks for sharing this! I've tried one of Almay's Smart Shade concealers and didn't like it much either. I think the smart shade aspect needs a little more work.

  9. Thanks for this, I hate products that eat up your batteries quickly! Annnd the eyeliner, my sheshiedo one was like that, it cost so much too :(
    P.S i'm you new follower, look forward to reading more posts from you! xX

  10. LOL! loving this post hun! my miss would be revlon's colorstay liquid pen. sorry excuse for an eyeliner!

  11. thank you for posting this, gives me an idea on what not to buy :)

  12. "Makes me look like a dead fish" hahahahahahahahahahha!!! OMG, I die!!! Hahahaha!!! You're so funny! This post was fantastic! :P
    I'll make sure I'll skip all of those products!

    I hope all has been well, babe. :) xx

  13. not keen on almay products. they're $$$ and don't work for me. lucky i didn't waste money on this smart shade foundation.

  14. No makeup at the drugstore is $30 and people reading this blog should know that almay has similar price range to loreal and revlon, revlon lipsticks are not $21


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