29 September 2011

Sydney IMATS Haul 2011

Heh I bet you've seen so many of these IMATS haul posts by Sydney bloggers in the past fewer days as IMATS just happened over the last weekend! I also DID attend IMATS as a part of the ABBW (Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend) and I did write about it in my previous post.

Ok. So let's start this haul post!

I honestly don't remember which stand did Tezza, Alice and I visited first. I think it would've been either the Make-Up Forever stand or the MAC stand, but seeing that it was a tad crowded, we went for a round and decided to come back later.

We passed the Serge Louis Alvarez (SLA) stand and they had a "3 for $30" deal on their lipsticks from an old collection! Together with Tezza, I picked up these two lipsticks which has no given name ~.~

Yes! An orange and a pastel purple coloured lipstick! Even though I've been loving bold lippies lately, I honestly won't ever wear that pastel purple lipstick out and about! I love it though!

I've been eye-ing Lime Crime's pastel purple and yellow lipstick for a while now... so now I'm on the search for a yellow lipstick. If you have any ideas (besides Lime Crime), please tweet or comment me!

And then we passed INGLOT where I made a purchase on three eyeshadow refills in matte black, matte blue and matte yellow. They were $7 each with their 30% off deal!

I actually don't wear eyeshadows. I personally think it makes me look a tad older than my age, but I DO enjoy doing funky inspired or crazy make-up looks sometimes. For $7, these eyshadows are crazily pigmented I tell ya!

After that, I made my way back to the MUFE stand but it was so crazily packed, so I just left after swatching a few of their HD blushers. I went around to find a stand which stocked their HD foundation for $42 (a few dollars cheaper) with no long queues, so I just grabbed one in #123 which hopefully is my shade!!

HD Foundation. Checked. Inglot Eyeshadows. Checked. Lipsticks. Checked!

Initially, that was all I wanted from IMATS, but since MAC was having a 20% off, I thought I'd check out what they have in store.. I ended up purchasing their Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus for $37. I always wanted a powder which gives off a dewy finish so I wanted to give this powder a try, because I saw Pearl Tam using it and it gave her such a nice and dewy look!

And then Ben NYE! I was so excited to visit their stand, but too bad they are just a 'presenting' stand, so we had to find other stands which stocks Ben Nye products which was Scotty's Make-Up & Beauty and bought a powder blush for my sister in Fresh Coral which was $10! So cheap!

And last of all is this awesome Special Effects Master Bruise Wheel by Ben Nye!!! I've always loved special effects! I'm so excited to use this wheel on someone's face heh! You could see that I already started playing with it :P

One thing I don't understand is why do they have a yellow and muddy green in the wheel? *confused*

However, on a similar note, Amanda, a friend who couldn't attend the earlier half of Day 1 decided to bring us some Sportsgirls goodies as a gift! It was so sweet of her! You really didn't have to Amanda!

She included two lipsticks, two eyeshadow trios and 1 blusher for all 3 of us :D Awww! Happy! I'm now the happy owner of 5 Sportsgirls lipsticks which motivates me to write up a review for them soon!

Please stay tuned!


  1. yay for hauls!!! awesome stuff there:) Love the mac mineralize skinfinish natural and Inglot shades are awesome:)

  2. Looks like you got some great things. Those Inglot eyeshadows look crazy! Hehe. xx

  3. wow so many goodies!!

    I've been eyeing Lime Crime's yellow lipstick as well...but pastel purple is pretty crazy too!! You should take a pic of you wearing it...I want to see!


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