01 September 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #11

Can't believe my market haul posts have came this far! This is actually my 11th post!
It actually started out as a weekly post, but unfortunately it's slowly declining to a fortnightly post.. because the weather in Sydney hasn't been so great. It's been rainy on the weekend nights, so mornings are always so dreary and no one wants to rent stalls to sell!

So these items are what I picked up over the last two weeks...

This stack of glitter! I thought I'd need it some day... the girl sold this to me for $1! They come in all sorts of colours, so it's definitely great if I'd ever need a particular colour glitter for whether make-up or nails.

Also this tiny BYS 'Glitter Dust' that the lady gave to me for free because it's so tiny :)

This weaved mail organizer (photo 1)... I initially wanted to use it for containing my eyeshadow palettes, but Mumma decided to use it for what it's supposed to be used for... mails, because a while later, we found this make-up organizer (photo 2)

I won't be using it though.. because my make-up shelf is already so full! So I thought I'd pass this to my sister as she has very fewer lipsticks, blushers and brushes, but she ends up using it as a stationery holder instead +_+"

Next up is this oh-so-colourful nail buffer/filer!

I don't remember how much it was, I think it was $1.. shouldn't be much. Yay for upgrading my manicure tools heh!

Lastly, these nail polishes... I also don't remember how much they were, because my mum also bought a few shirts, so the lady gave her an overall discount +_+"
But as you see, there are two bottles of Lacura nail polishes. Lacura nail polishes can be bought from Aldi... *interesting* I wonder if it'll be a hit or miss?

I'll report sometime soon!

There's also a bottle of Eclipse nail polish which I'm also excited to try ^-^

That is all! Hope you enjoyed this post!


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