21 August 2011

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Before arriving to this blog post, you have probably heard of Sinful Color nail polishes... especially if you are an American resident.

Unfortunately, we don't have Sinful Colors over here [in Australia], but luckily.. we DO at least have a very affordable and similar nail polish brand, Ulta3. So check that out if you haven't!

Imaged sourced from Google Images

This brand is NOT available in Australia, reportedly. However, I HAVE seen a few colors sold at this bargain store, located at Parramatta Westfields on the bottom floor opposite to KFC. Besides that, you can purchase it from cherryculture for $2.50 [for 15ml/0.5 fl oz].

There are a range of colours you can choose from, crossing a range of finishes also. These polishes are pigmented and great quality for the price! Even though it applies a tad unevenly, it's very forgivable. I didn't notice anything special about their chip-resistant formula, but as long as it lasts for 2+ days, then I'm cool with that.

#314 Beautiful Girl is a lovely strawberry milk pink with a jelly finish. It applies quite sheer and a teeny tad uneven.

#855 Scandal is much like a ruby-pink of a jelly finish also. It's glossier and applies more sheer than 'Beautiful Girl', but it's forgivable.

#928 Let's Meet is my favourite shimmery honeycomb yellow -- gorgeous! The application went through very smoothly which is another reason why I love it!

#832 'This Is It' applies extremely sheer which sometimes makes me think it's just a glitter coat, but it's not. It has a lovely gold colour with gold shimmers, however, like I said, applies extremely sheer (you probably need at least 4 coats to pass) -- not my favourite.

#947 Mint Apple is a mint colour, no doubt. It's a turquoise green colour which in my opinion, suits fairer skin tones better. I somehow find my warm-toned skin clashing with this colour, so as much as I love it, this is not my favourite.

#933 Secret Admirer is a very shimmery black. I love shimmer polishes, but I don't like dark nail colours. Similar to 'Mint Apple', I have to say although it's beautiful... I don't prefer it.

Hope you found it helpful & thanks for dropping by!

Disclaimer: Products were purchased by me.


  1. oh gosh all the colours are boootiful! i love secret admirer :)

  2. These look great!! I only have two sinful colors and was not thrilled by them. After three coats you could hardly see them...hopefully I have more luck in the future!!

  3. Wow these colours looks great, especially 'beautiful girls'. Are the lasting power great?

  4. i love ulta3 polishes! they are great quality for such low prices
    these colors are nice, my fave is beautiful girl :)

  5. Sinful Color polishes are really affordable here in the States but I have never tried them before. I'm glad to hear they're of pretty good quality though, considering how inexpensive they are. Mint Apple looks really pretty on you!

  6. Wow you have such a great blog^_^ This is lisa (mimiheartme) from YT ~~ :D !! I followed you blog :D~

  7. I love that light pink, I'm loving a pastels at the moment, looks really nice xx

  8. aww my favs are the first pink one and the last black one!!!!!! so cute
    i only own one sinful colours bottle, the packaging is adorable jhehehehe

  9. @Kirsty They last for about 2-3 days before chipping [in general] :P

    Thanks for dropping by lovelies! :)


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