13 August 2011

Recent Haul

I promised myself that I wouldn't be hauling anymore till after IMATS (unless it's a market haul)... but some things are just necessary and some things are just irresistible!

If you live in Sydney... you'd know that Sydney's weather has been such a booger! Last week, there was one day when it was quite hot which made me thought spring/summer is coming! Yay! So I decided to pick up two anti-perspirant deo's at Woolies, but then the weather decided to do a 180 spin and it's all cold and wet outside! Walla!

I also dropped down to a local Asian beauty store in Cabramatta and picked up quite a few things! That store stocks MISSHA (a Korean brand) products, MODEL 2.1. lashes, Skinfood, BYS, Scandal [polishes] and a fewer selected Japanese mascaras and eyeliners.

I did pick up these two boxes of MODEL 2.1. lashes in No.5 and No.20. They costed $20 for 2 boxes and both styles are pretty natural.

No.5 - Natural and flared out on the outer end

No.20 - Natural, criss-crossed

No.5 vs No.20

I also picked up another pair of super duper dramatic lashes! They are quite 'catwalk', but I love it! This is the pair that I've used in my previous shoot! I picked it up for $6.90 and will be back to pick up more!

And of course, with all these lashes... comes Lashgrip [for $10]! I actually had problems finding Lashgrip because I didn't know what the box packaging looks like! +_+

During transaction, I asked the lady if she had any samples for the MISSHA BB Creams and she only had a sample for the Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream left... Definitely will ask if she has a sample for the Perfect Cover BB Cream next time :) I wanted to try it again sometime!

Next stop is Priceline, my number one favourite pharmacy!

I picked up two lip conditioners, one from Blistex [my HG] and also another from Nivea [which was on sale for $2]. Blistex' lip conditioner is a tad pricey, but it works really well! They heal dried and chapped lips whereas the ones in the stick packaging are more of the 'prevention' side...

This is the end of my haul post! I hope it doesn't rain tonight so I could go to the markets tomorrow!! Yay!!



  1. nice nails :P i love the blistex ! Gives me a lot of high school memories

  2. aw i bought the nivea light kiss one like last year cos i thought id try it out but i didnt like it. the taste is weird haha


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