05 January 2012

Saturday/Sunday Steals #15 & Recent Haul

Hello there lovelies!

I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful New Years and I wish you all the best for 2012!
Hopefully we all have already jot down our New Years resolutions onto a notepad and will successfully complete those goals throughout 2012!

My goal this year is to haul less, so you might not be seeing haul posts from me in a while, but here are some items that I bought a few days after Christmas last year! Over here in Australia, we call it Boxing Day sales, similar to the Black Friday sales in America (I think).

At Iristar, a cutesy little shop in Parramatta Westfields, I purchased a mirror and 4 masks which may I say.. are rubbish.

My sister and I used up the two other masks (in the printed jar packaging) and they irritated our skin like hell. We couldn't even keep it on for three minutes! Thumbs down from me and definitely don't recommend it to you girls! You probably see a My Beauty Diary mask too.. but that's fake. Ahh.. silly!

Besides that, I've also passed some steals at the markets three weeks ago. Seriously. Steals I tell ya!

A Nabi pencil eyeliner and 2 lip liners from NYX in Pinky and Barbie Pink for $2 each!

Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Surf and Face Of Australia Eye Definer in Marine for also $2 each! Excited to try the Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner!! Heard quite a bit of good stuff about Prestige!

Then I passed a stall which seriously had quite a products from Bodyography and Smashbox for cheap! Not dirt cheap, but still cheap! These brands are quite new to me, so I only grabbed whichever products that I was familiar with...

Bodyography Foundation Veil Primer for $8 and Smashbox Artificial Lighting Illuminizing Lotion for $5! The man said that he bought these items in quantities from a store which closed down so I think the bottle packaging of the Smashbox luminizer might be an older packaging... Not very sure. Works well though! Been using it to highlight my cheekbones and my nose bridge quite often lately.

This unknown ten pan palette which I'm pretty sure is from a Bodyography kit! I paid $7 for this palette which is extremely extremely cheap because they're so decently pigmented!

Looking back now... I buy too much shit I don't use haha! Couldn't restrain myself though.. Way too cheap!

Hope you enjoyed the post! Review coming up soon!


  1. I literally lol-ed at "I buy too much shit i don't use"! I think that's all girls, that's why the cosmetic industry is so huge!! I love the pigmentation on the shadows and the nyx!

  2. How much was the mirror? It's so pretty and looks like the Anna Sui one!

  3. @PinkOrchids Agreed! Us gals buy too much stuff we don't use! :(

    @Joline I bought the mirror for $3.20! So cheap!! ^_^

  4. Ahhh the NYX pencils are such cute colours!

  5. Wow I was debating whether to get some NYX lip liners but they look so nice and pigmented!! Same with the palette you got, love those shades.

  6. Great haul! The mirror is so cute ^^ Sorry to hear about the fake MBD mask and the other mask irritated your skin :(

  7. cheap deals are always irresistable! great buys!

  8. You're soo pretty! ><
    new follower here! I'm new to makeup, but I can't wait to read more of your reviews so I can learn more and become less of a noob! hehe.


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