21 January 2012

Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Are you one of those gals who are much of a prejudice when it comes to fashion retailers selling beauty products.................... like me? To be honest, I just straight away doubt the quality of their products as they're more of a fashion store than beauty.

Anyways, I'll own up to it.. I'm wrong wrong wrong! And thank goodness that if it wasn't for winning Amanda's giveaway a while ago, I wouldn't have been introduced to Sportsgirl's Pout About It lipsticks!

These Pout About It lipsticks are described as a 'vibrant, long lasting lip colour which moisturises and protects' and adding to that, the range consist of 7 lovely shades which oddly consist of 6 matte shades and 1 lustre finish. Too odd..

Now.. to be honest, these lipsticks looks quite cheap with its cheap-looking packaging which reminds me much of the NYX Round Lipsticks, but neater. The lid is not sturdy at all (so expect a crack when these drop), but on the brighter side, has a shade preview attached on the bottom, making it easier for you to search through your lipstick stash.

No ingredient list to be found on the packaging.

Juicy Watermelon (matte) is a lovely bright pink-red. Extremely pigmented, glides on very smoothly (like Fashionista and Fuchsia Splash), but could also feel a tad drying after 2 hours of wear. Lasts on my lips for as long as 4-5 hours and will stain your lips!

Fashionista (I believe is renamed to 'Bombshell', matte) is a very true deep red which doesn't make my teeth look so yellow when worn. Extremely pigmented and glides on really well! Feels a tad drying after a while of wear, but doesn't flake. Wears up to approximately 4-5 hours and expect this to leave a tint on your lips.

Fuchsia Splash (matte) is a straight up fuchsia/magenta leaning to be more pinky than blue. It is a pretty unique colour, a colour you won't be able to find amongst other lower-end brands. Has a great colour payoff, glides on well and wears up to approx. 4-5 hours and stains.

All About It (matte) is a nice nude colour, but not for me. Makes me look like a dead fish! Similar to Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude, but not as drying, however, looks just as bad on me. Similar to Fruity Tingle, this shade doesn't glide on very smoothly when compared to other shades and is a tad drying.

Fruity Tingle (matte) is my one of my favourite shade! It is absolutely gorgeous and not just your average coral colour. There's definitely a special spice to it which I'm not sure of what it exactly is. Unfortunately, the shade doesn't glide on the lips as smooth as others and will put emphasis on dry flaky lips, even on days I think my lips are perfectly conditioned. Rarely does it apply fine, so I'm loving the shade, but hatin' the formula!

Beauty Queen (lustre), is a cool-toned nude-pink and is the only one with a glossy finish which applies sheer out of the Pout About It range. It is also the least long-lasting with a staying power of a little over an hour before it needs to be re-applied.

Overall thoughts:
Although I don't find them to be moisturising as claimed, they are affordable and amazingly pigmented! My picks are: the unique Fruity Tingle, although I feel like I might look like a bit drag-queen'ish sometimes when I wear the shade; Juicy Watermelon which I love to use as a lip tint which also looks beautiful as a full lip colour; and Beauty Queen which I would wear only when I have a full face of make-up as it could clash with my complexion and wash me out. Also, lip liners are must-haves for bolder shades as they'll easily bleed.

These lipsticks retails for $9.95 and can be purchased @ Sportsgirl.

Have you tried any Sportsgirl's cosmetics?

Disclaimer: Products were bought by me, but most were gifts/prizes from Amanda.


  1. Yeah I've tried some Sportsgirl cosmetics line, I like their old brushes but I think they've been discontinued... also like their old shimmer eyeshadows, but again, discontinued LOL... haven't tried these lippies though - Nice review on them, Tram!!


  2. I've never tried this but I think the first red looks amazing on you ^_^

  3. the first 3 look so flattering on you, great pigment!

  4. We don't have that brand where I live but WOW!! The colours look so, so good on you! I also doubt the quality of fashion store's beauty products but I've actually been surprised at some of F21's cosmetics so, no longer judging! ^__^

  5. Nice review! I have the Juicy Watermelon, Fruity Tingle and Beauty Queen, and I agree 100% with your verdicts on them. Looks like I'll have to get the Fuchsia Splash though.. but I can never find it in stock! xx.

  6. I'm really liking the fruit tingle one!! I have to agree that it's my favourite too!!

  7. wow im jealous. You look good in any colour!

  8. awesome post!! I have a few lippies from this range and they are a hit n miss for me, but they're so affordable!!

  9. I really like Fruity Tingle and Beauty Queen on you! Those colors really flatter your skintone :) I haven't heard of or tried these lipsticks, but the colors are really pretty and they look pretty pigmented too. Thanks for sharing all the swatches!

  10. I LOVE their lipsticks. This range has been available for a while and unfortunately Juicy Watermelon is now discontinued. Dang it!

  11. Awesome post ruined by use of the word 'tranny' :(

    1. Fixed! Thank you and sorry. I've only found out how rude the word was not too long ago! Appreciate your kind input very much xx


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