07 September 2015

NEW ON COUNTER (SEP 2015): essence, Covergirl, Maybelline, Bourjois, Ulta3

A little late this month!

Things have not been the greatest for me. You know, when you wake up and things just change so drastically -- yeah, that has been happening, again. But yeah, it's cool.

Slowly getting through things...

There's not many new products this month, but there are quite a few Spring/Summer collections! I'll start off with products from August.. ^_^

COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom Mascara ($17.95/available in Black and Black Waterproof)
A mascara with a mousse formula that accentuates the natural shape and length of lashes. The mousse formula is supposed to "prevent stiffness", and the brush "combs and coats for even, full coverage".

COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer ($11.95/2 shades)
An oil free concealer that covers skin imperfections and brightens dark circles.

COVERGIRL Eye Shadow Quad ($14.95/5 quads)
Feels like every brand is hoping onto these neutral-brown quads, lol. Same with Covergirl. There are 5 different quads, but this neutral-brown quad is the only photo I have of the range, meep.

So I was looking through Maybelline's list of products, and there are SO many products I've missed out on since July, but I haven't heard much about them in the beauty blogosphere? Let me know if you've heard of them!
I've never seen these products in ma life, lol

  • Baby Lips Candy Wow ($6.95/4 shades): A range of lip glosses to keep the lips fresh and hydrated.
  • Color Show Dr. Rescue Nail Care Range ($6.95): Their nail care range, I believe. But I've never seen these on their stands, and they were supposed to be on shelf since two months ago? Waaaaaaa? Have I been out of the blogosphere for that long, that they've discontinued it? Tell me guys!
  • Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lip Color ($16.95/10 shades): Not sure if this is a new collection, or what. New shades?

As for August releases... I'm sure you've seen these around!

  • Master Sculpt Contouring Palette ($19.95/3 shades), a 2-in-1 palette featuring a matte contouring powder and a cream, pearl highlighter. 
  • Eye Studio Moltens Duos ($13.95/6 shades), a high-pigment, gel powder texture eyeshadow.
  • Instant Pore Eraser ($15.95), a pigment-free formulated primer that smooths appearance of the skin and minimise and refine pores.
  • Brow Satin Duo ($16.95/3 shades), a dual-ended brow pencil.

ESSENCE Spring Collections
Yeeeeeeee! New collections by essence! And there are TWO! (*^^*)

essence Brit-Tea Collection (available from Sept-Oct)

  • Lipglosses ($3.70/2 shades)
  • Lip balm ($4.70), comes in a round pot, with a subtle pink colour.
  • Eyeshadow palette ($6.15), features 3 spring colours (cream, apricot-rose, purple). Creamy with a slight shimmering texture, easy to apply and blends easily. 
  • Illuminating base ($5.10), can be applied as a primer underneath your make-up, or used on its own to give your face a natural, subtle shimmer and beautiful, radiant complexion.
  • Blush ($6.75), features 3 colours (cream, rose and pink) and a pretty rose emboss!
  • Eyeshadow brush ($4.10) 
  • Duo highlighter pencil ($4.10), features two colours (cream and apricot).
  • Nail polishes ($3.70/4 shades)
  • Nail file ($2.65)
  • Earring set ($4.10)

essence Love & Sound collection

  • Eyeshadows ($5.75/3 shades), available in a berry, light green and apricot colour. Blends easily and has a pearly finish to prep you for Spring fests! 
  • Multi-style eyeliner pen ($6.15), a three-tip applicator to create unique eyeliner looks.
  • Lipsticks ($4.70/2 shades)
  • Blush ($6.15), an apricot to berry color gradient. MUST collect this to add to my collection of essence gradient blushers!!!
  • Bronzing paper ($4.70), yea, I didn't know what these were for either. 
  • Nail polish ($3.70/4 shades)
  • Cuticle tattoos ($3.05) -- SO hippie!?
  • Heel protection pads ($5.10)

BOURJOIS Summer Look Swimming Cool Collection

  • Aqua Blush 12 Hours ($23/4 shades) are blush gels which offers a touch of colour whilst boosting the skin's freshness and also brightens up complexion. 
  • Sweet Kiss Gloss ($22/6 shades) are lip glosses which slides on smoothly and melts into the lips, offering 10 hours of hydration.
  • 1 Seconde Nail Enamels ($12/3 shades) 

ULTA3 Superstar Spring/Summer Collection
Three items in this collection, and they are all packaged so cute!!

Nail colours ($2.30/6 new shades)

Moisturising Lipsticks ($3.95/4 new shades)

Glitter Eyeliners ($6.95/4 shades)

That's all I've got to share for this month!

What are you eye-ing?

I think the nail polishes by Ulta3 are pretty cute. LOVE the packaging! Besides that, I'm really keen on the cuticle stickers by essence's Love & Sound collection, and that gradient blush. I have one from their previous Beach Cruiser collection, Summer Break, so I'm looking forward to collect this one too!

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  1. The new Essence collections look so great - especially the Brit-tea one! Also very keen for the Bourjois blushes :))

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Ah! I can see why! The collection's featured colours are so spring-y! Let us know how it goes for you if you manage to get your hands on em'! xx

  2. Bourjois and Essence are killing it lately. So many great releases! :)

  3. Hmm...I'm quite keen fog the Maybelline brow satin pencil but i quick search on the priceline website didn't show it. Might have to pop in store. I did however see the nail range.


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