14 September 2015


Since my last encounter with an irregular green by Revlon, Spanish Moss ($16.95), I've been gaining more interest in irregular greens, especially the ones with dusty-grey tones.

Last Sunday, as I was prancing around at the markets, I happened to cross a lovely lady who was selling sooooo many essie nail polishes. And so, I hauled home essie Fall In Line, a dusty-green with military vibes.

Fall In Line ($16.95) was featured in this year's fall collection, in June/July. Not sure if you could get your hands on em anymore... limited edition, aha.  (⌒_⌒;)

Took me two coats to hit opacity, which is the norm, really.

It's nice, but I can't imagine myself wearing it again.. especially since us Aussies have stepped into Spring! Time to rock them cute yellows, and warming corals! Kekeke. (*/∇\*)

What do you think? 

So many assessments to do, I'm sooooooooooooo stressed! Hopefully I'll get pass them soon. I've many ideas for posts, but I just don't have time to photograph... ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ


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