15 October 2015

NEW ON COUNTER (OCT 2015): Australis, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Innoxa, Benefit, Natio, Burt's Bees, Colour Theory

YEAP. I know.

I never posted this month's #NOC post.. Sorrrrrrrrrry! I also haven't been updating my YouTube channel! Meeep. 

For uni students, we are currently heading towards the end of the semester, and so, this is assessment season. I'm so loaded with uni work, and I've also been going through some rough patches within my personal life... so yeah. Haven't been able to update this blog as much as I'd like. 

I'm so sorry.. (⋋▂⋌) but I hope you still enjoy today's post! I wanted to merge both October and November products, but some NOV products were available towards end of Nov, so it didn't seem too right to merge em' anymore. Either way, I hope you like this post!

BENEFIT Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer ($50)
"A BB cream eyelid primer that protects the delicate eye area against environmental stress while locking in eyeshadow and hydrating the skin". Moistursing and contains SPF20. My first thoughts: what? lol. Funky packaging though, haha.

RIMMEL LONDON 24HR SuperCurler Mascara ($17.95)
A volumising mascara, which claims to thicken and curl the lashes. Contains a curling polymer (don't ask me what that is, I ain't no expert) which helps deliver a long-lasting curl. 24 hour curl and volume, they say~

SALLY HANSEN Airbrush Legs Makeup ($26.95/4 shades)
Ok, kinda make-up, but not really. Somewhat, I guess. This is a liquid version of their Airbrush Legs spray. Lightweight, but full coverage and applies easily. Water and transfer resistant, that lasts all day. 

BURT'S BEES Intense Hydration Nourishing Facial Water ($24.95)
WHAT. IS. THIS? -- my exact thoughts when I first saw this product, haha. The name and the packaging! Looks so appealing, to me at least. Haha. It's described to be a "facial water that hydrates and smooths the skin", of course, whilst balancing its pH levels and all that. In other words, it's a toner.. yeap, a toner. 

COLOUR THEORY Gelato Dreams Collection
This collection was launched on 28 September (so yes, they are in-store already) so I thought it'd be fair to place them in this post, instead. 

  • Bronzer Highlighter Duo ($10)
  • Lip Gloss in Frosting ($8) -- NEW shade
  • Lipstick in Citrus Sorbet, Waffle Cone and Cotton Candy ($6) -- NEW shades
  • 5 Step Eyeshadow in Tropical Daze ($10)
  • Define Mascara ($8)
  • Nail Polish in Cool Capri, Creme de la Creme, I Love Bubble Gum, Pistachio Paarty ($4) -- NEW shades

INNOXA 2 in 1 Blush & Cheek Sticks ($18.95/3 shades)
Blush sticks, seems quite appropriate for this Spring/Summer season! Hehe. These blush sticks offer subtle colour and soft and dewy finish. Can be used on the skin AND the lips. As you can see, it is in a stick applicator form for convenient touch ups on the go. 

INNOXA Concealer Face Palette ($24.95)
An all-in-one palette for the face. Features colour correctors and two skin-tone concealers. Of course, as we know, the yellow shade neutralises purple discolourations, green reduces redness and purple neutralises yellow undertones, along with apricot which can be used to brighten. 

NATIO Limited Edition Radiant Mineral Blush & Bronzer ($19.95/ea)

  • Blusher: A blush palette featuring 5 rosy hues, including a light peach and 4 other dusty rose shades.
  • Bronzer: A bronzer palette of 5 shades which offers a warm bronze. Features a light mocha, golden tan and cocoa brown hues, providing the skin with a golden glow!

Yes. This shall be a new section of these New On Counter posts. This section includes all the products I've seen as I pranced around stores or on Instagram, etc. Meaning, I have no information about them, except for the.... PRICE! Maybe the price, lol. 

INNOXA Pollution Protection  Foundation ($36.95/4 shades @ Priceline)

AUSTRALIS Those Shmokin Eyes & Matte Bronzeyed Girl Eyeshadow Palettes
(Available soon, exclusive to Big W and Kmart)

That's it!!

OK. Sorry, gotta cut this short. Back to assessments I go..  Do let me know what you're eye-ing though!

Looking forward to reading your comments! =)

P.S. If you've spotted any new items that I haven't list, please do share with us!


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