20 August 2015

LOVE N' LOATHIN: Velourlips in Rio-D

There's something about coral lips, for me. Especially the bright, poppy ones, like today's feature -- Rio-D ($9.95).

These Velourlips have been hyped for quite a while now, so I've always been keen. Can't remember when I purchased Rio-D. All I remember is purchasing it with another lighter pink shade, Ho-Chee-Min.

Doe-foot applicator

Well, what do ya know?

Both shades are two of the most unwearable shades in ma collection. Can't remember the last time I've picked up such unwearable lip shades... lol. The last that made such an impression was probably Revlon's Nude Attitude (eep).

Rio-D, is an extremely bright... um, coral. One of those shades that you'll see Shannon of Shanxo (Youtuber) wearing. It's not one that many can pull off for its intensely bright hue, and I, yours truly, purchased this with hopes that I will be one of the selected fewer who'd be able to pull off such a shade.


I think I could, and kinda did. Eeek. Its brightness is immeasurable with words. Look!

I wouldn't mind wearing such a bright shade out, but the matte formula does not mix well with the brightness.

The Velourlips are formulated to be creamy, matte, pigmented and long-lasting. The key-term is "long-lasting". Bright colours generally put enough emphasis on the flakes and lines of the lips, and to have it with a matte (aka drying) formula... Mmmhhhm. Nay.

As nice as it looks in the photos, on my lips, you can see every single flake. And streak. It requires layering for a full opacity, but my problem with this is that the more you layer, the streakier and drier it could look.

Sad to say, but I won't ever wear this out for that reason, so I'm not exactly sure how to finish this tube up. It's a miss for me.

Such a bummer.


  1. I actually think it looks very pretty with your skintone! maybe try a good lipbalm before hand to combat the dryness?

    1. Thank you! I've tried and tried, but it just doesn't work [for me] :'( xx

  2. the colour is very peach! i tend to veer away from these colours because they dont really suit my skin tone! sad to hear that your not a fan!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  3. Oh no I'm so sad it didn't work for you! Personally I really like it but going by your pictures I can see why it doesn't work for you, it does look super streaky on your lips which is sad :(
    I actually think the shade itself does suit you though! xx

  4. I've never been able to make this formula work for me - the shade range is beautiful but they just won't wear well on my lips :( Totally get how you feel

    Ash / The Beauty Collection


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