17 August 2015

MANI-MONDAY: Parrot of a kind

Happy Monday everyone! 
(kinda... when are Mondays ever happy unless you are at home sleeping in, haha)

I feel like I call every lighter green nail polish "one of a kind", but it is quite hard to spot a light green colour within nail ranges.

They'd have 9 tones of red, 7 tones of blue and 1 tone of green -- that is, mint. Hahaha. The last time I've came across a true light green, was probably four years ago, from Australis' limited edition range. (。・・。)

Well, if you've been prancing around, looking for a true light-green.. This is Parrot ($14.95) by Sally Hansen! 

As with most Sally Hansen nail polishes -- no complaints on the formula! (〃▽〃) 

Hahaha, as lovely as it looks in photos.. I actually don't quite like how it looks on my nails and most of all, against my skintone. It's just too light for me, this tone of green. 

Will be passing this onto a friend, or someone else who'd bring it into better use. Can't see myself wearing this again~ (⌒_⌒;)

On another note, whilst I'm typing up this note, I can't help but fidget with these new make-up products I bought at the markets for $20 altogether! 

Can't wait to post about them! ^_^


  1. It does look super pretty on you in the photos

  2. This is such a bold colour! I've never tried green nail polish before as I don't think it would look good on me. I think Parrot looks great on your fingers in the photo but it might not translate as well in real life.


    1. Yeap! Exactly what you said! I'm just too tanned and there's just something about it! Perhaps my undertone vs. the nail colour's tone. x

  3. It looks great on you and seeing this makes me wanna try them out too. I have never tried any green nail color but this....I wanna try it out for a change.


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