02 June 2015

NEW ON COUNTER (June 2015): MAC, Australis, Rimmel London, Bourjois, Max Factor



You would not believe, but May was the busiest month for me (so far). From celebrating birthday, to school and the workload that comes with it... Brrrrr.

Just last Saturday, I entered the 14th Chinese Bridge Competition, which is a Chinese proficiency state competition for college students. There were 11 contestants amongst three universities across Sydney! There were 1 first prize, and 2 second prizes... anddddddd............

I've won one of the second prizes, guys!

As a runner up of the second prize, I was eligible to travel to China for free. However, since my score was marked as the lower score of the two second prizes, I'm not qualified to present on their TV program... which is poo. But nevertheless, still a very valuable and fun experience!

As I will only be going as the observer, I've decided to pass on the opportunity, and pick my Taiwan tour trip (which will be happening mid-June to mid-July) instead. So, not too many posts more, then I will be leaving you guys again! *weeps*

So that's the update about what's been happening. Let's move onto launches, shall we?

AUSTRALIS Winter Nail Colours ($4.95/4 shades)
Australis releases four new shades for this winter, with a hot new price of $4.95! I apologise for the silly photo, no press release photos could be found for these... haha.

BOURJOIS Nude Sensation Foundation ($29/4 shades)
A foundation that helps smooth, soften and moisturise the skin. Blends in, evens out and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

DESIGNER BRANDS Pressed Powder ($11.99/4 shades)
A mineral pressed powder that minimises shine and promotes a natural, flawless finish. Vegan certified, parabens-free. Suitable for all skin types.

ESSIE Winter Collection ($16.95/6 shades)
A winter collection by essie~ Australia always b getting dem winter nail collections a year late.. Hahaha.

MAX FACTOR Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Mascara ($24.95/1 shade)
A mascara that delivers length, volume and darkness to the lashes. The wand is designed for a precise and even application. The formula contains carbon black fibres to ensure an intense, dark finish!

RIMMEL LONDON Oh My Gloss! ($13.95/8 shades)
A new lippy range, by Rimmel! These lip glosses deliver "long wearing colour, shine and moisture". Lasts up to 6 hours, is non-sticky and comfortable [to wear] on the lips.

RIMMEL LONDON Scandaleyes XX-Treme Volume & Length ($16.95)
A mascara that delivers volume and dramatic length. The two-sided brush that comes with it, promotes a false lash effect, coating each and every lash for a fast, smooth and easy application.

MAC Wash & Dry Collection
I'll give a brief run through this collection, as there are quite a few products!

  • Technakohl Liners ($37/4 shades)
  • False Lashes Waterproof Mascara ($42/1 shade)
  • Highlight Powder ($49/1 shade)
  • Lipglasses ($37/4 shades)

  • Lipsticks ($38/4 shades)
  • Studio Nail Lacquers ($23/2 shades)
  • Powder Blush ($43/2 shades)

That's all for this month's launches! Quite little, I know.

I've had a pre-peek through July's and August's launches, and there seems to be much more than this. So don't you worry! Before I leave for Vietnam and Taiwan, I'll make sure to have next month's launch post scheduled ;) Only doing this for you guys!!!~

I've also been more active on my Facebook page, so do hop over and follow me thee if you'd like!
See you guys in my next post (hopefully, will be sometime soon).



  1. Congrats girl :)
    The Essie collection looks great. I wanna try the Max Factor mascara

  2. Whoa Congrats Tram!! Chinese proficiency??? You must be super pro then!! My chinese is so basic and shameful haha.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  3. WOOOOOW a huge congratulation to you! What an honour! Well done!

    I am loving the new releases here.. especially the Rimmel ones! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  4. Thanks everyone for the grats!

    I'm glad to hear that you guys are interested in the new releases~ I've had a peek at next month's and I think you'll be even more excited to see what's launching then! xx


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