15 May 2015

SOME OUTSTANDING SALES (15 May 2015): Woolworths, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Big W

Hey papoopies!

Sorry, I know I've been MIA. My birthday happened recently, so I was showered by plenty of love by friends, and plenty of work by uni (eek!) <-- valid reasons to be MIA, right?!

I miss blogginggggggggggggg, a lot.

Although I haven't had time to blog, I've still been flicking through the beauty catalogues to see what's new (and to see what's on sale). Here are a few sales I've noticed this fortnight:

1. BIG W: 1/2 on L'Oreal Paris cosmetics. Ends 17 May 2015.

2. WOOLWORTHS: 1/2 price on Maybelline -- check out their Master Precise Liner, Velvet Lip Pencils. Ends 19 May 2015.

3. WOOLWORTHS: SmartSkin Facial Wipes, 2 for $2. WARNING: DO NOT BUY THESE! Irritated the hell outta ma skin, when I used em. Ends 19 May 2015.

4. PRICELINE: Spend more than $25 in a transaction on Maybelline, and receive a free mystery gift which gives you a chance to win:
  • Priceline Pharmacy Gift Card $100
  • Color Sensational Lip Color/Vivids
  • Dream Fresh BB Cream
  • Volum Express Colossal Mascara 
  • Volum Express Mega Plush Mascara
  • Master Smokey Eyeliner 
  • Limited Edition 100 Years Celebratory Make-Up Brush Set

5. PRICELINE: NEW Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara, introductory price $10! Ends 28 May 2015.

6. PRICELINE: Save 40%-70% on fragrances! Go stock up on your favourites! Ends 28 May 2015.

7. PRICELINE: 30% OFF Simple Skincare -- they also have their very own Micellar Cleansing Water, which dropped down to $6.99 after sale! Micellar cleansing battle off, anyone? Ends 28 May 2015.

8. PRICELINE: 40% OFF Swisspers skincare range. Ends 28 May 2015.

9. PRICELINE: HALF price on selected Le Tan products! Ends 28 May 2015.

10. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: 1/2 price on SWISSE Skincare -- I'm keen on their Micellar Cleansing Water ($5.48) and Argain Oil Facial Moisturier ($4.98). Ends 28 May 2015.

11. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: 1/2 price on Maybelline, Revlon and Rimmel! Ends 28 May 2015.


There's so many sales, but I really need to save, so I'd probably pass for this fortnight's sale. Hopefully.... I always say, "I'll pass", but I always end up getting things! Meep!

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  1. Absolutely loved your blog dear! thanks for sharing these sales (:
    It's nice to see a blogger with such quality content!

    Life in Pastel


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