11 June 2015

LATEST LIP LOVE: Dark Lippies!

So Sydney has finally transitioned into actual-Winter weather, in the past week. Besides the gloomy skies, the temperature has been close to, 10°C? Urgh sucks.

The temp of recent, pretty much reflects my lippy mood. I've always been into the pinks and corals, but recently, I've decided to switch up to the..... DARKS!

REVLON Colourburst Lipstick in Grape 
My first pick for a dark bold lip was with Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Grape. It's the darkest lipstick I own for the moment (might change soon since I've been eye-ing some MAC shades). I've worn it once, but I feel like the formula sucks. It's creamy and moisturising, but applies blotchy and can slide around on the lips and is prone to bleeding. Not somethin' I like in a dark lippy, especially when I don't own any dark lip liners. Urgh.

AUSTRALIS Go Long Longwear Lipstick in Glam*
I still really wanted to try out the dark lips though, so I rummaged through my stash! Nop. Didn't find any! Rummaged through my sister's stash... FOUND ONE!

I've found one guys, I've found oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And it's actually mine. She kidnapped it away from me for yonks. I've swatched it here, but since I was never really into dark lippies, my sister decided to adopt it to her stash, I guess.

It may not look extremely dark in the tube, but because my skintone is somewhat fair, so it looks much more intense on my skintone! My friend told me, "I like your purple lip on Saturday night" when I was wearing this, lol. wat?

Haven't used these lippies in yonks. Love their formula! They can be slightly drying, but it doesn't bother me at all~ I love how it stays, how it's matte, how it doesn't smear and bleed... LOVE!

I think it's time for me to kidnap this lippy back to my stash. Sorry sis!

 MODELS PREFER Lipstick in Stay Out Late
I've only found this in my stash recently. Bought it as one of the packs they had... Can't remember how many decades ago.. lol. I've only worn it twice, and so far, all I could tell you is... it has a creamy formula and does kinda slips around upon first application so definitely needs to be blotted down. However, it doesn't apply to be as slippery and uneven as Revlon's Grape, thank god.

Still need to experiment around with this, so till then!

AND those are the three dark lippies I've found and have been trying to experiment with, to be all seasonal-trendy and shit, you know? :P

Any dark lippy lovers who could recommend me any affordable dark lippies?

I've been eye-ing Rebel and Diva from MAC, but not sure if I would really keep with this dark lippy trend long enough for it to be worth the investment. Eep.

Disclosure: Products marked with (*) were provided for review consideration only. 


  1. I like how the Australis and Models Prefer lipsticks look on you! I'm not really a dark lippie person either but I've started to experiment over the past winter or so and I'm slowly getting accustomed to the look on me haha. I have a dark purple lipstick by Revlon in Va Va Violet, and it does have a similar tendency to Grape and look blotchy, but looks slightly better. I just all around find it better to line my lips with a lip liner of any colour before I put on darker colours. They don't slip and slide around, and lasts on much longer! :)

    1. That's the problem! I don't have a lip liner! /sadsad.. Hahahah. Thanks for the advice though! I've just looked up Revlon Va Va Violet, and it looks gooooooooooooooooooooooood! x

  2. Loving how amazing you look with dark lippies! Also kind of jelly since I don't think I can pull off dark lips very well - my darkest lipstick is Mac Rebel. This post is definitely inspiring me to dig out my Model's Prefer lipsticks! The clicky cases are so cool :)


  3. Dark lipsticks don't look good on me :( but I love the look of Models Prefer and Australis on you.

  4. I prefer Glam. I like the color and finish. I think this will look great on me too for I am kinda fair.

    1. That's great!! Hahaha. Do give it a go, it's still on counter! xx

  5. Glam looks amazing on you 😊 If you're wanting affordable dark lippies, you can try 1. NYX butter lipstick in licorice (a little slippery because it's so moisturizing, but still pretty good overall), 2. NYX soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen (this one I loooove, goes on smooth, feels incredibly soft and lightweight, and dries down matte so it's long lasting too), and 3. Wet n wild megalast lipstick in cherry bomb (this one is semi matte, and has to be warmed up when first opened, but that happens as soon as you apply in lips so that's fine). These range from 2 dollars to 6 max, and even better on sale, so you can experiment without breaking the bank 😄 Give 'em a shot, you won't be disappointed (I think!) good luck 👍🏼

    1. Sweet! I've always loved the formula of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but never thought to check out their other shades!!! Thanks so much! I will definitely research them up, though Wet n Wild is so out of reach for me.. *lives in Australia* /sadsad. Thanks heaps! =) xx

    2. Aw, but that's all right, the NYX is the best of them imho anyway. :) You're very welcome.


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