04 February 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- February 2014

Did I tell you that "getting launch posts done on time" was on my "beauty/blogging resolutions" list for the new year? -_-"

Hmph, I promise to work harder next month! I was just sick for the past fewer days.. and I actually still feel horrible as I'm typing away.. T^T

It's not a good start to the month, but these hot, new products did brighten my days quite a bit!


FITme Shine Free Foundation Stick (10 shades/$15.95)
Probably one of the more exciting products by Maybelline this month. I know quite a few people were all eggcited over this on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It does look very promising though!
This foundation stick offers "breathable coverage and a flawless finish". It's described to be ideal for combination to oily skin types for its anti-shine properties.

Color Sensational Bold Matte Lip Colours ($16.95/5 shades)
New lipstick range of matte finishes. Has a powderless formula (no idea what this means), and is infused with alot of random stuff to keep the lips moisturised... Actually, only a few! Haha.

Color Sensational Nude Lip Colours ($16.95/6 shades)
A new lipstick range with a soft and creamy formula. Same-same as the regular Color Sensational range, I'm assuming.

Color Show Stripped Nudes Collection ($5.95/4 shades)
No photo for this one, because I couldn't find it! It's a new nail collection though, featuring neutral tones.

Color Show Crayon Kohl Liner ($6.95/9 shades)
Such a wide shade range for pencil eyeliners. This eyeliner is described to have a cream-based formula that glides onto the lids with bold colour.

Master Smoky Shadow-Pencil ($14.95/4 shades)
A chubby eye pencil, which reminds me alot of the ones from Rimmel's ScandalEyes range, except that this has the extra smudging tool. The formula for this is described to be rich in pigments, long-wearing and waterproof. Interesting!!! But a bit pricey.

The Colossal Volum' Express Smoky Eyes Mascara ($19.95/1 shade)
Described to be a "kohl pigment mascara". I have no idea what that means. I also have no idea what it's suppose to do, because there's no other information about this other than that. However, knowing Maybelline, it's probably lash "defining, volumising, lengthening" repeated all over again. loool

Eye Studio Big Eyes Light-Catching Palette ($16.95/5 shades)
These palettes feature four colours for priming and defining the eyes. The shadows feature a soft texture and is available in five different shade combinations.

Express Remover ($9.95)
This is like some sort of new and whacky invention. It's an "instant dip-in nail polish remover". The pot features a fitted foam insert, saturated with an acetone-free formula. Think I've seen products like this before, but don't remember seeing them anymore soon after being released. Hahah.. Interesting concept though.


BYS Lip Colour Stick ($4.95/6 shades)
I THINK these are new, pretty sure they are! Seems like quite a few brands have been pushing to release their own gloss-sticks within the past fewer months. 

Foundation Primers ($9.95/4 shades)
If I can remember correctly, these were added last month... This range of primers consist of 4 different types, targeting your different needs. In my opinion, the range (or maybe the packaging, to be specific) looks so tacky. I've always felt a bit iffy about skin products from smaller brands like BYS..... Actually, any products at all. Yes, I'm being a bit biased here.. >_<


Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels ($15.95/24 shades)
Oh my goddddddddddddddddd. The packaging of these are beautiful! So luxe! I love the packaging of these sooooo much. But anyways, described to be your ideal lacquer range, these are supposed to apply smoothly, with a flawless colour and contain irresistible fragrances. I don't care too much about the fragrance to be honest, but the SHADES AND THE PACKAGING LOOKS AMAZING!!!! The price also looks a bit out of this world (read: out of my world).

Age Defying CC Cream ($26.95/3 shades)
A colour correcting cream that targets the first signs of ageing, delivering buildable coverage. It's suppose to fight hyperpigmentation and fine lines, whilst hydrating and smoothing the skin. Contanis SPF30.

Age Defying Firming + Lifting Makeup ($39.95/a few shades)
This ageing foundation provides lifting and firming benefits. Offers flawless coverage, provides a youthful look. Formulated with some fancy things and targets all signs of aging.

Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Cocnealer Treatment ($26.95/not sure)
A concealer that "expertly" targets and TREATS dark spots. This concealer is formulated with some fancy stuff too.

Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy Line Filler ($26.95)
Similar to a primer. You can wear this alone or under make-up. It features hyaluronic acid that fills deep lines and wrinkles.


Flamed Out Mascara ($14.95/2 shades)
Features a volume igniter brush to separate and define each lash. Has a fast setting formula, is smudge-proof and flake resistant.

Flamed Out Shadow Pencils ($9.95/6 shades)
Eye pencils that act as an eyeliner and gel shadow. Glides on the eye smoothly and is available in six shades. More of these cream-based eyeshadow pencils!!


Rimmel London ScandalEyes Rockin' Curves Mascara ($16.95)
A mascara that features a brush designed to create big, curvy lashes. The applicator twists and curves the hug the lash line, the thin tip elongates and gets to the hard-to-reach lashes, offering volume and curve. The packaging is bright-red and has a printed texture, inspired by Rimmel's ambassador Kate Moss!!!

Yeap, and that's all for this month's launches!!

I do look forward to a few of these products. Priceline is having introductory offers for a few of these newbies! I'm looking up the range of the Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencils right now, hahaha.

Which of these newbies are you eyeing?!


  1. I am looking forwards to the Maybelline Fit me stick foundation and the two new Maybelline lip products - bold matte and nude!!

    Have you heard anything about the new Revlon Colorburst balms? There's going to be 10 in matte shades and 10 in lacquer (shiny) shades... they're not stains, and I cannot wait!!

    1. I haven't heard anything about the Revlon Colorburst balms! I've been so out of the beauty blogosphere that it's crazy.

      Thanks for letting me know though!!! Will get to researching.. haha.

  2. I've seen those instant nail polish removers before - the one I have tried was SO pointless but let's see if Maybelline do it better!

  3. I've seen some of the Maybelline stuff in store but I can't wait for their new lippie range!!!

  4. I picked up the Maybelline nail polish remover on the weekend. I had the Bourjois one a couple of years ago and loved it.

    Laura | Breton & Blush

    1. YEARS AGO?!?!? I thought these were newly introduced. Hahha, my teeny beauty knowledge :P

  5. I've heard the Bourjois nail polish remover was good so keen to try the Maybelline one!

  6. Saw the Revlon NPs at Target and confirm they still smell pretty toxic. :P

    1. Don't tell me you sniffed it straight from the bottle!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Haha.

  7. lol I love the whole 'defining, volumising, lengthening' thing with Maybelline. hahaha

    I saw the Maybelline matte lippies the other day, but no testers! Boo. :(

    1. Bold + matte lippies = Angela. Why am I not surprised?! Hahaha...
      Every single new bold/matte lippies, you are the first blogger that pops into my mind.

      I couldn't find them in Priceline at all, when I visited today. = =^

  8. PL currently have 2 for $20 for the Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes - still expensive but better than $15.95 each at least! :)

  9. Wow, I'm surprised that I'm not itching to buy anything after going through this post. A big "phew" from my bank account. :) Regardless I love reading these posts, Tram. Thanks for posting.

  10. Lovely blog and a very informative post :)


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