16 February 2014

NOTD: Valentine's Day ft. Revlon & Face Of Australia

Hey u, yeah u.

Sharing with you my thoughts on Revlon's Parfumerie Nail Polish today! My sister purchased them recently, but I've yet to post about the haul (yeah, my sister purchased it, but I shall include it was my haul -- makes sense, right?). ^_^?!

For V-tines this year, I've decided to stay away from the fancy nail art. Feeling a bit ceebs, and I've came to realise that nail art + Tram just doesn't go well together. Haaaaaaaaa.

So I've decided to go for colour and glitter co-ordinations instead. Well, not co-ordinations, but just one co-ordination. Heh.

Take a look at the pink lacquer, Revlon's Parfumerie in Powder Puff.

Applies pretty damn sheer. Had to apply four coats for a full coverage, but it's quick drying. Super glossy though, can skip top coat. Contains fine shimmers on a light pink base. This new range was made to contain individual fragrance per shade, but, um, it's quite strong. As in, you can smell its scent from touching your lips. Has a perfumery floral scent. Don't you go and sniff this straight from the bottle though!!

Now, the glitter!

I've chose Face Of Australia Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff!, from their Glitterati collection. I loveeee the look of this glitter coat over a black base, so I wasn't sure how it'll turn out over a pink base. Contains red, black and white glitter. Didn't think the black would look too nice, but it turned out okay...... I think!

Then of course, the curiousity in me wondered how well it'll look if I turned the manicure to a jelly sandwich. Whipped a coat of Powder Puff over again, but I'm not too sure how I feel about it.... LOL!

A bit messy. I've never tried jelly sandwich manicures, so I'll have to research up extensive guides next time before I try again... HAHA.

What was on your nails this V-tines guys?!



  1. I think the finish of the polish on its own is just soooo pretty. I don't own anything like that, all my polishes are strictly either glossy or metallic shimmery finishes!

  2. I love it by itself... such a gorgeous colour! x

  3. Haha!! I'm loving that frosty fairy floss pink shade! i'm not a fan of scented polishes, they give me a headache every time I wipe my nose. The bottle is sooo gorgeous though!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  4. The pink is so gorgeous i love it so much

  5. I'm so curious to try those new Revlon polishes but I haven't come across them yet, I like the idea of scented nail polishes.

  6. I think your jelly sandwich manicure is cute! When I tried it with a white nail polish I did too many layers and it looked like sad, melted ice cream sundae haha

  7. All these colours looked cute! I didnt have any polish on this Valentines. Weird cos I usually do.
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    Renee x

  8. I swatched this recently and the colour was quite sheer. That's why I didn't pick it up but I'm slightly regretting it now because it looks super pretty!


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