04 September 2013

Drugstore Cosmetic Launches for Australia -- September 2013

A few days late for this month's launches.. woopsies! x~x!

Essie soon to be available at Priceline
YES! You read right! No longer will you need to be making a trip to ze fancy Myers for Essie's nail lacquers. Priceline will be stocking them soon, so keep an eye out for that! 

*Not sure if there's any differences in prices.

Max Factor CC Cream ($19.95/6 shades)
Yissss! CC Creams! If you haven't heard of them yet, they're basically the next generation of BB Creams, called Colour Correcting Creams. Max Factor claims that their CC Cream "provides intense complexion correction immediately on application, to provide healthy and natural-looking skin". 

*If you are interested, these are currently on sale at Priceline!

Almay CC Cream (Available in 3 shades)
Almay also released their very own CC Cream which has that "smart shade" technology again. It's described as a "Complexion Corrector", a lightweight foundation in combined with "clarity enhancing skincare". Almay claims that its formula is suppose to blend easily and flawlessly into the skin whilst concealing discolourations and imperfections. Also brightens and has SPF 25. 

L'Oreal SuperLiner Perfect Slim Eyeliner ($24.45/1 shade)
Goddd, It's been yonks since I've featured any eyeliners in my launch posts! This one is a precision felt-tip liner with a super fine 0.4mm tip, enabling you to create even the thinnest strokes! It also has a grip-zone to hold which allows optimum control for anybody. Sounds pretty perfect for anyone who's new to eyeliners~

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara ($27.95/1 shade)
As the name suggests, this is an anti-clump mascara. In short, it offers to separate the lashes whilst providing dramatic volume. The brush is described to be "L'Oreal's biggest ever brush", but I've never used their mascaras, so I'm not too sure how big! 

Keep that in mind though if you are a keen bean on this mascara!

L'Oreal Anti-Dullness and Anti-Fatigue CC Cream ($26.95/2 types)
Both CC Creams are described to offer weightless coverage, leaving the skin with a "healthy-looking, radiant nude complexion and 24 hour hydration" with SPF 12. Both ARE shade-transforming products, just like their Anti-Red CC Cream. 
  • Anti-Dullness: Helps to revive dull-looking skin, has a milky-mauve colour.
  • Anti-Fatigue: Helps to revive tired skin *immediately*, has a milky-apricot colour.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons ($15/4 shades)
These may have been launched last month, but I don't see them featured around too much (or maybe I just haven't been actively reading blogs) so I thought I'd give them a mention here!

Described to be "lightweight" and "non-sticky", these lip crayons claims to leave the lips bright and smooth, with just enough shine and transparency to "enhance" each shade.

Bourjois Record Liner Waterproof ($19/3 shades)
Ahhh! Another eyeliner! According to Bourjois, their Record Liner Waterproof is:
  • A stretchable gel-cream which will glide on easily
  • Long wearing for up to 48 hours!
  • Intense and rich in terms of pigementation
  • Smudge-proof
There's also a flat angled brush which clicks onto the top of lid. I'm sure you've already seen this similar packaging across other brands, such as Face Of Australia ^~^

Natio Pearl & Pop Nail Colours ($5.95/12 shades)
Pearl & Pop is a limited edition collection of miniature nail polishes by Natio! The shades featured within this collection are fresh and bright which is ideal of Spring and Summer.

They sure do look cute, but with such small bottles for pastel colours... I'm hoping that the formula will kick butt!

Oh! And here are the two other Natio products that launched last month, but I didn't mention. I'll briefly round them up here...

  • Mineral Pressed Powder Bronzer and Enhancer ($17.95/2 shades) -- A lightweight powder which is suppose to add a bronze glow and luminousity to the skin in one sweep.
  • Heavenly Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow Trio ($14.95/4 sets) -- These are available in four different colour combinations. The eyeshadows are described to be rich and pigmented, long-lasting and each trio comes with a duo-ended applicator.

I also wasn't aware of these two new products from last month by NP Set either, so here they are....

  • California Cool Bronzing Powder ($24/1 shade) -- Is a fine, matte face bronzer which combines pink and brown tones. 
  • California Cool Gloss-and-Go Duo ($15/2 shades) -- Is a lip stain and gloss combo. It delivers long-lasting colour with a hydrating coat of clear gloss. 

That's all for this month's launches! ^~^

Let me know which products you are most excited for!

I'm ALL about lips, but I'm not really into lip crayons so... Nothing for me this month! 


  1. So excited to see that Essie is going to be available at Priceline omg!! Even if it's still expensive as heck, we'll get Priceline points haha!

  2. I hope they do a half price introductory offer for Essie :p

  3. I saw the Essie polishes are $16.95!
    So many CC creams.. haha

  4. Love these posts of yours! Cannot wait to try these out!

  5. Ahhh can't wait til Essie polishes are more readily available! I hope they're not too overpriced :(

    Louise | Vanity Corner
    HAIR2GO Giveaway | MOOTTA Giveaway

  6. Yeah, saw Essie polishes for $16.95 and I believe the treatments are $18.95 if that helps :) Very, very exciting as Essie is one of my favourite polish brands!

  7. Essie polishes in Priceline? Now that might be tempting...:)

  8. They're already at my priceline!!! I'm with sleepandwater - introductory sale!!! :D



  9. I'm super excited for the Essie polishes and the L'Oreal eyeliner. I haven't tried those nail polishes yet but would love to get my hands on them. As for the eyeliner, I love eyeliners with thin brushes, so why not!

  10. Gosh the Essie nail polishes are quote exxy!!!
    Hope all has been well :)

  11. The Essie nail polish is on my shopping list now! :)

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  13. I'm excited about the Essie polishes. Now I don't have to go to Myer (the nearest one is quite far away from me)! :)

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