30 September 2013

October Think Pink! Series

Hi everybuddy!

It's been a LONG while since I've worked on any [blogging] series since the 'Colour Me In' collaboration with Amanda, Tezza and Alice.... which was from last year! Can ya believe? It's been a yearrrrr!

This time around, we're all pretty busy, so I've decided to go solo with this new blogging series called, October Think Pink, hoping to raise funds for Pink Ribbon Day!

For this, I'll need YOUR help! It's easy though!

For the month of October, I will be posting about pink beauty products every second day, and for EACH comment, I will be donating $0.20 (AUD). This obviously will not include spam comments! @_@

Ultimately, this means that YOU can also help out and help to fundraise by leaving a comment on each post. My maximum amount will be set at $100 (AUD), mainly because I still need to fund myself for food, university, bills and others, but of course, I'll be donating a separate share of my own too! ^~^

Yeap... A very basic, but fun idea that I've seen done by another beauty blogger. I've forgot what the blog was called and have absolutely no idea what the blogger named her series. @_@ If you can remember, then be sure to let me know!

So that's all for now..... ^~^

Get ready! Set! Comment! 

Oh! Wait! Wait! Did I mention that I'll also be hosting a giveaway at the end of the month? :P

*Spam comments will NOT be counted towards the fundraise.
*Only comments within the October Think Pink! series will be included.
*Series ends 31 October 2013 11:59PM (Sydney time).


  1. Missed your posts!! Hope a market haul will be blogged soon!! Hehe good luck!!!

  2. Great idea! Excited to read your upcoming posts! :)

  3. This is very awesome of you Tram! Thanks, I can't wait :)

  4. this is so awesome!!!! do you mind If I can copy the idea about donating $2 for each comment???


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