13 September 2013

Illamasqua The Scared Hour Collection Nail Lacquer in Facet


Let's talk more about new products today! Just a bit over a week ago, I was invited to Illamasqua's launch for their newest collection, The Scared Hour. 

The collection was launched on 1st September, so you should be able to find them at your local Illamasqua stockist(s) by now. The collection features quite a few products, but straying away from the usual bright and bolds, The Sacred Hour features neutrals along with the darks and the vampies.

As per usual, their promo photos never fails to disappoint me! Here are some of my favourites that I've gathered online...

For your reading (or enabling) convenience, a brief rundown on the products and prices:

  • Reflection Palette ($53): Has a water-resistant formula, silky textures, shimmery finishes, is long-wearing and applies with an effortless application. I've felt these and they share the same bouncy texture (when touched) with their previous palette from the Paranormal collection.
  • Velvet Blushers ($28/2 shades): These are actually cream-to-powder blushers! They feel like a cream in pan, but applies with a matte finish. 
  • Lipsticks ($39/1 shade): Long-wearing with a creamy matte finish.
  • Nail Varnishes ($34/2 shades): Inspired by opalescent crystals and flint, these varnishes are suppose to create a "mystical finish" whilst being long-wearing and chip resistant.
  • Lush Lash ($22): Enchanting, feather-like lashes to complete and complement and add drama to any look. 
  • Skin Base Lift ($24): A brightening concealer which is suppose to lift, illuminate and provide a flawless coverage for the skin. Blends easily, and is infused with warm peach tones to flatter every skin tone. Also available in a white shade for those who are interested, called "White Light"!

Illamasqua kindly sent me home with one of the two new nail lacquers, Facet, and their Skin Base Lift [brightening concealer], which is raved by their staffs to be perfectly suited for achieving the Kim K look! 

My skin is disastrous at the moment so the concealer will have to wait! However, there are never bad days for nail polishessssss. Hoho! 

I forgot to mention that this collection is based on a mystical theme and I'd have to say that the colour and shimmers of this lacquer fits the collection PERFECTLY. The purpley-grey based colour combined with fine gold shimmers reminds me a lot of the foggy wild woods where all the mystiques are found.

I'm serious.

It's actually not sheer like I've expected, so 3 coats was enough for a decent coverage. Also pretty glossy throughout the week that I wore it, with minimum tip wear! ^~^

But on the end note, $36 a pop... Quite a good formula, so you if you're keen on this particular shade and can afford it.. I don't see why not!

Will you be trying anything from Illamasqua's The Sacred Hour Collection?

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Facet, $34.00, available at Myers.


  1. That's a lot of money for a nailpolish, but OMG it's so prettyyy!!!! :)

    Ms Jelena xx | http://ms-jelena.blogspot.com

  2. Their promo shoots are awesome! I would love to try one of their blushes, looks nice!! xx

  3. Illamasqua always has such amazingly creative collections. Those cream to powder blushes are quite tempting... The nail varnishes look great, especially that white opalescent one!

    aRachel and Mary's Beauty Blog

  4. Ooh! I can't wait for you to review the Skin Base Lift!

  5. Amazing post, I love the detail you put on all your post...would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin? follow me and leave a comment on my blog and i shall surely be following you back


  6. I love this collection! The nail polish is particularly gorgeous! I agree with you, their promos are always amazing - especially love when they include older ladies, not just 18 year old beauties! It makes the brand so much more relateable! xx


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