04 April 2013

Some Outstanding Sales (04 Apr 13): Priceline, Chemist Warehouse

SALES......... again! Today's post is a bit more laidback, so no hatin' on me today, okay?! :P

1. PRICELINE: HALF PRICE on Physician's Formula's cosmetics range. Ends 08 April 2013.

2. PRICELINE: 3 for 2 on Maybelline's range. Ends 08 April 2013.

3. PRICELINE: Purchase a Model's Prefer Primer/Foundation/BB Cream and RECEIVE a free Model's Prefer Blender Sponge (similar to Beauty Blender, I believe!). Ends 08 April 2013.

4. PRICELINE: $10 introductory offer on Rimmel's ScandalEyes Flex Mascara. Ends 08 April 2013.

5. PRICELINE: Revlon Foundations are up for $25 each. Ends 08 April 2013.

6. PRICELINE: Save 40% on Priceline's selected facial wipes (they're actually not bad!) -- $2.99 each. Ends 08 April 2013.

Much sales from Priceline, but I think Chemist Warehouse's sales are my favourite picks:

7. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Maybelline ColorShow Nail Colours drops to $2.69 each! That's 40% OFF! Ends 14 April 2013.

8. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Maybelline VIVIDS Lipsticks (swatches here) are on sale for $7.99 each! Save yourself a few more bucks in comparison's to Priceline's "3 for 2" sale. Ends 14 April 2013.

9. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: If you are a fan of St. Ives' face scrubs/exfoliators, they have them for $3-$4. Can't remember the exact price, I think it may have been 50% off! Ends 14 April 2013.

Here's one that I've also noticed at Priceline. It MAY vary from stores to stores, so give it a check if you are keen:

AT MY LOCAL PRICELINE: Australis Lash Length Extensions Mascara in 'Brown' (only) was $5-$6 and their Killer Curves mascara was also on sale. I'm not too sure if this is for all stores since it may be a clearance sale.

If you are aware of any other sales, we'd love if you could share below!
Let us know which store/sales you will be hitting up, also!

That's it for now! I've already went out to grab myself some products so I'll show you what I've purchased soon! :P


  1. the chemist warehouse specials sound amazing I will definitely be checking them out. Thanks for this :)

  2. Great sales thanks for the notification! I've noticed my Myer has been clearancing some Loreal products. Like some foundations, a few eyeshadows, a bunch of mascaras and their nutri-shine lipsticks for half price. I'm not sure if it's just mine, but I've checked two different stores and they both had the products for less than half price!

  3. I wish there was a Chemist Warehouse where I live. At least I have Priceline ;)

  4. Wooohoo! Might have to pick up some Revlon foundations! Still ridiculously expensive though..


  5. My Myer had the Bloom Sheer Colour cream blushers on sale too.

    I took up the $25 Revlon foundy and the 50% off Physician's Formula offer at Priceline, as well as the cheaper Maybelline polishes and Vivids (got 2)!

    And so ends Happy March off of the bandwagon... back to No Buy April I go!

  6. Hope those Chemist Warehouse ones hold up until the end of my spending ban! I'm wanting those Vivids!


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