20 April 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Chi Chi NUDES vs. Urban Decay NAKED

NEUTRALS, NEUTRALS, NEUTRALS! There are never too many neutral palettes for one, especially one that looks like it could possibly be a dupe to the famous Naked eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay (swatches here).

After seeing Chi Chi's NUDES Eyeshadow Palette featured by many other bloggers, I've been meaning to hoard it home just to swatch and see if it really does compare to Naked 1. But the problem is... I've figured that since I'm not an eyeshadow user, it'd be such a waste of moola to whip out $19.95 for a palette that I'll swatch once and won't ever look at again.


I've got the palette anyways -- and it was at a flea market where a lovely lady was selling it for only $2! Brand NEW, still in box with everything else! Actually, there wasn't anything else really, besides the palette. Ha.

I've had it in the stash for a few weeks now and I've been meaning to put up this swatch post sooner, but some of the more exciting products kept coming so I've prioritized those first -- such as Australis' Pout Pastes. For this week's swatch post, I was actually tossing between this palette (again!) and Australis' Go Long Longwear Lipsticks. Eep! But I've figured that I better give my readers a "break" from features of Australis. Therefore, I will stop posting about Australis............................. until my next post. LOL. Mad break, yes?

Anyways, enough talking about Australis in a post that's supposed to exclude Australis. Oops. I think I've just did it again :P

OK. Back to this Chi Chi NUDES Palette for real! As you can tell, today's post is just a comparative swatch post so there will only be fewer words and more photos!

Here are photos of the two palettes side by side with the Chi Chi NUDES palette on top and the UD NAKED palette on the bottom:

At first glance, the shades from both palettes surely do look similar, but at a closer look, you can definitely see the slight variations between the shades.

 Chi Chi NUDES swatches (slightly wet swatches)

(top-bottom) Chi Chi NUDES, Urban Decay NAKED (slightly wet swatches)

I've also got close-up swatches to share with you, but I'm super sorry because the lighting is quite inconsistent! I'll have to blame this on the sun for heading to snooze too quick..

NOTE: These swatches were swatched with a heavy hand AND slightly wet too. Chi Chi's swatches are on the left, Urban Decay swatches are on the right.

READY?!?!?!?!?! ^_^

1. Chi Chi #1 vs. Virgin -- Virgin is a bit more peachy/beige whereas Chi Chi is more of a "pure" white.

2. Chi Chi #2 vs. Sin -- Chi Chi's #2 is also a bit off here, but its finish is soooooooo pearly, just like Sin! It seems to have more shimmers than UD's Sin, actually.

3. Chi Chi #3 vs. Naked -- Chi Chi #3 is a bit more satin in terms of finish whereas Naked is matte. The colour is also a bit off, and its tone is also lighter!

4. Chi Chi #4 vs. Sidecar -- Chi Chi #4 is more gold-toned with a high pearl shine, UD's Sidecar is more bronze with shimmers.

5. Chi Chi #5 vs. Buck -- Very visible difference here! Chi Chi #5 is more puce-toned where as UD's Buck is more tanned with yellow undertones.

6. Chi Chi #6 vs. Half Baked -- #5 here, is more orange-toned.. looks bronzey whereas Half Baked is just gold.

7. Chi Chi #7 vs. Smog -- is the most identical of the bunch!

8. Chi Chi #8 vs. Darkhorse -- #8 looks a bit more paler and the pigmentation is nowhere comparable to Darkhorse.

9. Chi Chi #9 vs. Toasted -- Chi Chi's dupe for Toasted is almost identical, but at a closer look, it's more warm-toned than 'Toasted'.

10. Chi Chi #10 vs. Hustle -- Another dupe of the palette here. #10 is almost identical or may even be identical. I need a few more pair of eyes please.

11. Chi Chi #11 vs. Creep -- Creep is darker here with more visible shimmers. Chi Chi's *attempted* dupe is lighter in terms of colour and has a visible metallic sheen.

12. Chi Chi #8 vs. Gunmetal -- There's a noticeable different here too! Chi Chi's shade is more grey-toned, whereas Gunmetal is a slate-grey with a slight blue undertone.

That's it! I've used this palette once on my Mum and to be honest... even with a primer, the pigmentation of Chi Chi's NUDES doesn't compare to Urban Decay's NAKED -- this applies to the darker shades too. However, the eyeshadows still remains to be smooth and silky when swatched, so nevertheless, Chi Chi's NUDES is definitely an eyeshadow palette to look at if you're in the mood for a NAKED dupe. Most shades aren't spot on, but it's still a nice palette to add to the neutral collection.

What do YOU think of Chi Chi's version of the NAKED palette?
Will you be looking into this palette?

The only eyeshadows I use from the NAKED palette are: Virgin, Sin and Half Baked -- so I'm actually not looking for a NAKED dupe. I'm ony after dupes of those 3 eyeshadows and Chi Chi's dupes to those three are pretty well done in terms of finishes. The colours are a tad off, but not THAT noticeabe when applied :P

Chi Chi NUDES Palette, $19.95 @ Myer, Target, GLOSS stores.

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me.


  1. Wow, the colours look really similar. Impressed with Smog and Toasted dupes. However, I think I'll stick with my Urban Decay since the pigmentation isn't as good with the Chi Chi. Still, it seems like a pretty good option for those that are looking for something a bit more affordable :)

  2. the chi chi seems to be a pretty good dupe for the urban decay :) and it's so affordable as well! :O

  3. The colours seem so similar! Wow! Chi Chi did really well with this!


  4. I have this palette and really love it! My want for the UD Naked palette has been satisfied for now. It was so awesome that you picked it up for only $2!

    x Tashi

    1. That's great Tashi! Thanks for sharing your feedback! Hahaha, yes.. very lucky of me!

  5. Oh wow, they almost look identical! I mean, yes, there are differences but the Chi Chi palette is so much cheaper! I would instantly but this rather than the Naked Palette, really! (:

  6. I'm impressed with how close some of the swatches are from the Chi Chi palette! Pretty decent for the price, especially $2 for you haha but I think given the choice I'll still stick to the Urban Decay Naked because of the quality and pigmentation. It'd be pretty annoying for a lazy person like me to have to wet my brush and apply eyeshadow cause I don't wear eyeshadow that often either :P

  7. Great post. I only have the Chi Chi palette which I think will do me for now.

  8. Definitely at first glance the eyeshadows look the same, but like you said, up close they are very different! Although when wearing some of the shades you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference :P The Hustle dupe was done quite well though! Shame that the pigmentation of the Chi Chi palette wasn't up to scratch- I'm wondering how good of a dupe Sleek's palettes are to Urban Decays!

    1. Ahh! MUA also has a dupe palette, methinks. I really wonder too! I'm glad there's now an Australian brand that's created a dupe to the NAKED so it's easier to access! :P

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  10. that really looks like a great dupe. i havent seen any of these nudes palettes in target though, only the brights. Maybe theyre sold out??


  11. Awesome swatches Tram! The dupe looks pretty legit to me... as much as I love UD I can't spent that much on a palette. Though.. I already have so much eyeshadow it doesn't really matter anyway. haha

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  13. I did a post like this too when the chi chi first came out! I just gave the chi chi one to my mum, so that she can enjoy the naked shades without the price tag!
    I just found your blog by the way, I'm a new follower!

  14. Wow..So great I love those eye shadow
    If I have those eye shadows how it work for me?
    Oro Gold Reviews

  15. Omg are they still selling it from there?? I live in America and idk how else to get it, I'll pay you shipping and the 2$ and anything else if you could send it to me pleeaaaase

  16. Great post!! I've wanted the Naked palette for so long, but its so hard to get it in Australia! I bought one off ebay but it ended up being a fake :(
    I bought this Chi Chi one yesterday though and can't wait to try it!
    Sarah x

  17. Hi, can someone post also the Chi Chi's INCI?

  18. Nice one! Is it a dupe? Haven’t heard of Chi chi yet.
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines

  19. I need to pick chichi nudes pallete now. Thanks for side by side swatch comparison.


  20. Great post! I have the Naked palette and I'm definitely keen to compare it to the Chi Chi one now!! I have the Chi Chi bronzes palette and absolutely love it, especially for the price tag! <3
    We did a review of some Chi Chi products on your blog, please check it out if you get the chance :) http://beautifulbedlamblog.com/?p=309


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