13 April 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Face Of Australia Limited Edition Glitterati Nail Collection

Up for today's swatch post is this spankin' new limited edition nail lacquer collection by Face Of Australia, called Glitterati!

When this parcel arrived to my home, I didn't really know what to expect. I definitely knew it was Face Of Australia, but what could they possibly be sending me? HOWEVER! Once I caught a glimpse of these glitter babies, I SQUEALEDDDDDDDDD.


I've been in the mood for glitters lately so these defintiely arrived at the right time!

The Glitterati collection features 5 clear-based glitter lacquers and 3 pastel-based glitter lacquers. The red glitter lacquer and the light pastel pink one stood out to me most!

Anyways, without further ado, let's get SWATCHING!

Heart Of Glass is the prettiest of the pastel-based glitter lacquers, methinks! It contains red heart pieces and squares, tiny fuschsia hexes, small purple hexes, blue squares and some bars and silver glitters in a milky pastel pink base nail colour. It's on the sheerer side, but dries quick and doesn't look thick or gets clumpy when layered. Also, the heart pieces takes a bit of effort to fish out, but it's not anywhere near impossible.

5 coats

Boogie Wonderand is another sheer lacquer. Three coats was still sheer, so five coats would be ideal for a fuller opacity! This one is quite whacky with its coloured glitters.... It contains tiny fushcia, purple, dark blue and orange hexes along with green, blue and white-silver bars. The bars can definitely pose problems! I found that some sat on its side and for those that did lay properly, there were some that curled up. A top coat should do the trick though :P

Above: 3 coats
Above: 5 coats (I'm also holding the wrong bottle! Yikes!)

Funkytown is the darkest of the bunch! Definitely is funky with its funky grayish-blue colour with slight purple tones(?). Eeek. Not sure what colour it is, but the beige hexes in it definitely pops! Along with the beige hexes, there are also smaller blue and black hexes, and black squares. This one applied to be the most opaque out of the three so two coats was good to go!

OK!! Now onto these clear-based glitter polishes!

Disco Inferno reminds me of a dress I have! The colour theme is EXACTLY like the dress, with its beautiful light blue hexes, and different sized of purple and red hexes. I found that some of the light blue hexes curled up in this one! Eeep.

Dancing Queen is probably the most simple of the bunch with only two different coloured glitter hexes -- black and gold. It reminded me of peppers when I had it on LOL. Also, as odd as it sounds... the colours in this one is actually so simple that I'm not sure how it wear it! What colour do you think I should layer this over? Excuse my uncreative brain!

Studio 54 looks like a rose-gold, yes? It much more coppery though, so if you're after true rose-gold.. probably skip this! I really like this one though for it's similar to Australis' Eureka and Shimmy Shake. It's jam PACKED full of copper coloured hexes and fine glitz, let me tell ya!

Satuday Night Fever... Here it is.. the most colourful and glittery of them ALL. SO many squares and hexes in this one! There's red, yellow/gold, light blue, purple, dark blue and green hexes along with silver, red and green squares. The bottle as a whole reminds me of those confetti pieces they throw at parades... as if someone has scooped up those confetti pieces and turned it into a lacquer. LOL. Just kidding! It has that similar colour scheme as those Deborah Lippman's Happy Birthday, but with squares!

Leaving the best til last... Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff! This one stood out to me most so it's no surprise that as soon as I finished swatching the collection, I whipped this one on straight away! This glitter lacquer contains red, black and light purple hexes with white bars and fine red glitters. I can't wait to show you my manicure with this one! Stay tuned!

Some of these clear-based glitter lacquers (particularly Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff and Saturday Night Fever) actually appeared to be a bit thicker in consistency. It's still easy to work with though, and I think it only looks thicker because it's packed with too much glitz and glam. The rest were average in terms of consistency and were less packed (besides Studio 54).

AGAIN, I'm so happy that Face Of Australia released a glitter collection! It gets me pumped and even more excited for what collection they coming up with, in the future. Mattes, perhaps? Or maybe duochromes? Or holographics?!?!?!

Ok. Getting too excited!

Will you be hunting down these glitter babies once they hit stores?
Which shades are you most excited for?

I'm still looking forward to wearing the two that I've mentioned earlier -- Heart Of Glass and Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff!

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were provided for review consideration only. 


  1. Heart of Glass is sooo pretty!
    Love the swatches :)

  2. So glittery and pretty! :D I loveee the first and last ones out of the lot, will most likely end up purchasing them.


  3. These look amazing! I'm so excited!

    x Tashi

  4. Saturday Night Fever.. what a perfectly appropriate name for the polish! Haha. Heart of Glass is beautiful, the heart glitters are such an adorable touch. Studio 54 is also beautiful. Great collection. I think Studio 54 is my favourite!


    1. I agree with you on Saturday Night Fever! And yes, the heart glitters are so cute!!! ^_^

  5. oh my! nice swatches c: heart of glass looks pretty, not sure i'd have the patience to paint 5 coats though LOL
    Studio 54 reminds me of that essie nail polish

    à la foliee

    1. Ah!! It dries pretty quick and besides, you can layer it over a pastel pink! :P And now that you've mentioned it.. It DOES too! Can't wait for comparison posts in the future by other bloggers! :)

  6. These are so pretty, wish I had this brand in my area! *_*

  7. Studio 54 is exactly like a Sportsgirl one !

  8. Thanks for these swatches! My favourite is Heart Of Glass, that's the only one I think I need to get. I always find it really hard to find FOA nail polishes though, since there's no FOA stand at my local Priceline. Hopefully I'll be able to track it down :)

    1. Maybe try K-Mart or I think Big W has them too.... Goodluck tracking them down :)

    2. Ah! These will be available mid-April, but you should be able to find them at Big W babe! =) Like citygirl mentioned!

  9. So many new polishes, wow! My favourite is definitely Heart of Glass, the small red heart glitters win me over! My second favourite is Studio 54, and to me it really looks rose gold, but I'll take your word for it, for being copper :) I'm not really a fan of Dancing Queen though!

  10. FOA are getting so great with their polishes. I've been so impressed with their ranges lately. I can't wait to get these!

  11. These look so beautiful, and my favorite has to be Studio 54. It does look like a rose gold shade.

  12. Love Heart of Glass! Just wish it didn't gave those weird square bits in it. :/

  13. I LOVE all of these! Will be picking them up :D


  14. OMG! Heart of glass is soooooooooooooo beautiful, and fairytale like! I wish they would slel these here!!!!!!

  15. I desperately need some new polishes, definitely checking these out as soon as possible!!

    <3 Izzy | Here's Izzy

  16. Oh man they're all so pretty! I think Heart of Glass is my favourite, gotta love some heart shaped glitter! I found a stand completely full with these in Kmart today and it was so hard not to buy them all.

  17. WANT THESE!! Loving Heart of Glass & Studio 54...imagine that over a nude...OMFG!

  18. Can't wait to get my hands on these! They look so fun


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