12 December 2012

Palmer's Eventone BB Cream -- Review

In October, I blogged about my first impression of Palmer's Eventone BB Cream and finally after a long trialling period.. I am excited to share with you my thoughts on it!

SPF 15+ huh?

First of all! Love the hygienic and handy squeeze-tube packaging along with its dispensing hole which is just the perfect size, allowing control over how much to be dispense!

However, do not love how in its typical "BB cream" nature, it is only available in two shades (meep!) -- Fair/Light and Medium/Dark. Both shades are too light and too dark, so my perfect combination is the mixture of both! I'm glad that these shades don't lean overly cool in terms of undertones which means "yay for no pink face!", but heads up.. it does oxidise to be darker!

Fair/Light, Medium/Dark

Although neither shades suit moi, I feel like it is a good thing in the bigger picture since you'll be able to mix and match the shades to your skin tone, seasonal changes and also use them to highlight and contour (I actually do this!). So overall, it will be able to cater to a broader spectrum of skin tones. Of course, this isn't something I'd do with an exxy foundation, but since these are SO affordable ($9.95 each with occasional sales at Chemist Warehouse), it is really no biggie to purchase both shades! What do you say?

Click to enlarge

It also has the perfect consistency -- not too thin and not too thick, but strangely, it can feel quite grippy upon application and tends to settle in quite quick. A quick fix to this is to add a dot of moisturiser to the product to allow more blending time.. oh, and don't forget to use your fingers to keep the product nicely melted! :)

Click to enlarge

Depsite its fussy finger application, grippy-ness and limited shade range, I still REALLY enjoy using this BB cream! My main concerns are acne scars which needs to be covered and dry patches which needs to be hydrated (or left alone) and this does it all. For a lighter coverage that'd even out my redness, I'd blend it in with my fingers in circular motions, but if I'm seeking medium coverage then I'd apply it in patting motions! Yeap! There's a difference depending on your method of application!

Adding to that, it also has a dewy finish and lasts a GOOD 8 hours on my skin, with very little shine seeping through. Hooray! I'm still so happy that it leaves my dry patches alone! Hooray!

Before & After -- Overall face shot

I have no idea whether these do or do not live up to the hype of Asian BB creams, but I really like it! I think you'd like it too if you have normal to drier skin types!

Have you tried Palmer's Eventone BB Cream?
What do you think of it?

Palmer's Eventone BB Creams are only available at My Chemist (online) and Chemist Warehouse for $9.99. 

Disclaimer: This product was provided for review consideration. However, I am not obligated to review or mention this product in my posts! All opinions of this post are my own and remains uninfluenced. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure policy.


  1. It seems to even out your skintone pretty well :)
    Whoa "Dark" looks very brown and "Light" looks almost white!
    Does it have a scent?

    1. It does have a scent Sheri! It states on the packaging that the product has a "Fresh White Lily" scent :) It is bearable and not overwhelming at all!

  2. oh gosh! I never expect this brand to come out with a BB Cream @_@ Looks pretty decent though!

  3. Love the sound of this, wish they did the shade I'm between as you said! xx

  4. BB Cream makes a lot of changes its really effective and smells good not the usual strong scented cream, this one is mild .

  5. I agree with you - I HATE how BB Cream have such a limited range of shade to choose from, come on, it's absolutely ridiculous, especially since some makeup brands such as MAC has 29048728765672839 foundation shades to choose from! I never knew Palmer's had a BB Cream but I don't like how this term is so widely used nowaday, it starts to mean nothing really to me...

  6. I'm pretty convinced I want to try this, looks really good on you :)

  7. Eh, I don't see a difference but then again your skin if flawless.
    It's a shame you have to buy two if one doesn't match the either shade, which is the majority of consumers.


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