24 December 2012

4 Xmas Nail Polishes & Manicures to inspire YOU!

I wish I was a creative peanut to whip up some creative Christmas-inspired manicures to share with you guys, but sadly.. I just lack creativity. I actually thought up of a few ideal Christmas manicures, but it seems like everytime I do get to it.. it just never turns out right!

Does anyone have the same problem?!

So instead, I thought I'd share with you some of my 'Christmas' nail polish picks! These colours are cheerful and festive, perfect to wear alone or you can even incorporate them into manicures!!

First up is one of my favourites of ALL time..

ORLY's Sweet Peacock has always stood out to me as the perfect 'Silent Night' blue! It has an amazing sparkly, foily finish which are my abso-fave finishes of all! It's one of the only fewer 'eye-catchin' nail polishes which can keep me staring at my nails all day... take my words for it... all day baby!

It's consistency is thin and somewhat 'runny' BUT.. but but.. it applies to be opaque in two coats! However, with most foily nail lacquers, its sparkles does rub off into silver shimmers after a day of wear. Nevertheless, it's still one of my top favourites ever. Like.. Ever. 

But in Sydney of Australia, you see, we don't have silent nights with the oh so snowy... Instead, we have bright and hot summery days with mood-changing temperatures at night.. which is okay I guess. Better than the gloomy and rainy season!

Another nail lacquer to get you red-dy for Christmas is Rimmel's Lycra Nail Polish in Hot Rock. Red for all no matter where you're from. 

In the bottle, it's full of beautiful gold shimmers, but when applied, those gold shimmers are nowhere to be seen, how lol and sad. Nevertheless, it is a cheery red with subtle supposedly-to-be gold shimmers. Quite pigmented with a so so smooth application, but the brush is a bit flimsy. I can sure pull this off with one coat!

Don't mind the black linings, it's from the previous nail polish I swatched.. hehe.

I snagged this at the markets for $1, but I haven't ever seen these Lycra nail lacquers in store in Aussie. Perhaps you could check online or if you're from America then you may be able to find it locally!

Another red nail lacquer, but this one's more of a darker metallic crimson red, which screams "holidays!"... say hi to Face Of Australia's Flaming Lava!

Reminds ya much of the red of mistletoes.. yes? I've just received this one in my mail and it's SO pigmented and smooth! I could also go with one coat of this!

I'm very impressed with this one and hopefully other shades from this 'Colour Pro Triple Action' range remains to be consistent with its high quality! Can't wait to try other shades yayay!

Another one by Face Of Australia from an older collection ( I'm sure you've seen me posted about before here) is Calypso-Gold from their Barbados collection. This collection is now discontinued in store, but you can still find them on Fashion Addict.

Calypso-Gold is a pearly warm-toned champagne with subtle gold shimmers! It's elegant and beautiful. One of the fewer light shades that I find to look okay on my darker-toned hands hehe.

To me, the shade itself is quite festive! Sure, it doesn't remind me of anything 'Christmas-y' but it's just something about it... hmm.. do you feel me?

So that's that!

-- On to 4 simple, yet beautiful Xmas-inspired manicures that I'd love to share with you (with proper credits to their authors)!

Cute little Santas on your nails by Michelle @ LabMuffin

Creative Abstract Christmas Tree design @ Nail Side

Simple glitter manicure from Pinterest (let me know if this is yours!)

Michelle @ Lab Muffin again! Just recently discovered her blog so don't mind me! :P
Link to this nail art from her site is here >

At times like this.. I wish I owned a Konad stamping kit to make up for my disastrous nail art skills. Meep.

What's on YOUR nails this Christmas? Which is your go-to Xmas shade?
Share with my any other of your fave Xmas-inspired manicures!

I'm doing nothing for Christmas, but if you don't hear from me before Christmas.. I'm wishing YOU and your loved ones a safe and wonderful Christmas!!

Disclaimer: ORLY and Face Of Australia nail lacquers mentioned in this post were provided for review considerations only. I am not obligated to review, mention or post about these products. All opinions within this post belongs to me and remains 100% truthful and unbiased.


  1. Oh that red Face of Australia polish is gorgeous! I did a Christmas-y mani using Essence's Snow White (red polish) with Australis' Eureka (gold glitter top coat) on top. I posted a pic on Twitter :) https://twitter.com/jeanniesmiles/status/281365468248412160

  2. OMG I adore that first Orly polish!


  3. Thanks so much for featuring me! Hope you had a great Christmas :) xx

  4. I love the polishes you chose, especially the Orly one and the last one!
    I wish I were better at nail art, too. I plan to practice lots in 2013! :)
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

    Jesss xo


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