27 December 2012

Nails: Purple Glitz n' Glam -- Face Of Australia ft. Chi Chi

Hey there peepos! I hope you guys all had a wonderful and safe Christmas! Let me know how you celebrated Christmas, because all I did was stay home and paint ma nails.. Not even kidding!

I was playing with some purple glitz and glam -- Face Of Australia's 'Castle on a Cloud' from their Pastels collection and a purple glitter nail polish from Chi Chi (this comes in a set of 8 lacquers from Target called 'Bling It On').

'Castle On A Cloud' is a very light and pale lavender. It seems like the more lacquers I try from this collection, the better it's getting! The formula and pigmentation of this one was much better than their previous lacquer that I tried "I'll Take You to the Candy Shop" -- I didn't struggle with any streakiness or sheerness so 3 coats was enough for an opaque finish!

I topped that goodness off with Chi Chi's purple glitter top coat!

The clear-based glitter top coat contains large hexagonal glitters, accompanied by tiny round glitters. Although it did look pretty, I somewhat didn't like how the hex glitters are so large! I would've like it better at a smaller size..

The clear base is SO thick. Ugh. I went though a whole lot of trouble trying to get any hex glitters on the nails as the first coat gave me a fair amount of small rounds and about 1-2 hex's (sometimes, none at all). And because of its extremely thick consistency, I couldn't layer on a second coat or it'll never dry!

I'm really not impressed of this Chi Chi glitter coat, but I have two more bottles of these glitter lacquers to try until I can officially dub these as the 'thickest glitter top coats'! Hmph!

I wish you guys all had a wonderful and lovely Christmas where ever you are in the world! Today is my Mum's 54th birthday! My sister and I got beautiful peonies and lilies delivered to her workplace... ^_^

She asked me today, "If I were to receive flowers every year for my birthday, I wonder how many flowers more can I receive?".

You will be receiving birthday flowers for the rest of my life, silly! Happy birthday Mummy Pig!!! ^_^

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! The weather is beautiful in Sydney today.. I'm home painting my nails.... again -_-"

What are you wearing on YOUR nails today?!


  1. The flowers are so pretty! I likes the nail polish combo :D

  2. Wow your mum looks so young! :0

  3. hi.. happy new year.. n happy bird day 4 u'r mom.. (Y)

  4. i know what you mean i bought the chi chi glitter nail polish set and was dissaponted my nails never dried because you have to apply it so thickly to build the glitter up! the mauve is so pretty though,i am you're newest follower :)


  5. I hope your mother had an awesome birthday :) And ugh I hate thick glitter top coats!



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