16 November 2016

LIPPY LOVE: Chi Chi Matte Lipstick in Social Climber

Celebrate my comeback with a lippy-post, shall we?

Since I've last updated (God knows when, it's been waaay too long ago), I've been going through phases of so many different lip colours!

Early June, I loved dark lippies. Then I've moved to reds. I think earlier in the year, at one point, I was obsessed with oranges and corals as well. I really can't remember!

However, there are those days when I feel.... blue. Umm... no. I don't mean I want sport blue lippies, lmao. What I really mean is, my mind tells me something along the lines of:

Hmm, man. What lippy colour should I wear today? Something that's not too bold nor bright, but will still brighten up my face.

Then a few moments later...

A-HA! Where's that Chi Chi lipstick?!?!!?

And yup, it's Chi Chi's Matte Lipstick in Social Climber ($18.95).

This pink, is the perfect pink for me. It's a pretty, warm-toned pink. It's my go-to for when I want some colour to brighten my face up, but doesn't give off the brighter and bolder vibes.

It's almost like a my-lips-but-better pink, but with a slight oomph!

The formula is amazing. I'm extremely impressed with how long-lasting it is on my lips -- even after drinks and most foods.

Although the shade is there, I feel like the colour does dull-out after a few hours though.. so touch-up is recommended!

The shade shows up pretty true-to-colour here!

Otherwise, it's a perfect pink shade with a pretty darn good formula. Worth every penny! And yes, as you could see in the photos, mine's almost out... Needs to restock soon.

When was the last time YOU've finished a lip-colour product?
What was it?

Can't remember the last time I've finished a lipstick.. Probably a few years back? Haha. Don't think I've ever shown a lippy so much loyalty!

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me. 

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