02 December 2016

NEW ON COUNTER (DEC 2016): Australis, Akin, NYX, Palmer's

I've been out and about this month. As soon as the 4th of November hit (marks the day of my last assessment for the semester), my mum barely saw me at home..

Besides work, I've been out exploring festivals, clubs and many eateries! 


Instagram vs reality (IKEA)

Chillin' at Bondi and passing Stanwell Tops

Getting my #trameatsfatfat feed @ Goodtime Burgers, Left Of Field, Vine & Grind and PappaRich
(coz I don't discriminate)

Still waiting for someone to swipe-right me.. (。-_-。)

❶ AUSTRALIS BBH Palette ($16.95)
Stands for Blush, Bronze and Highlight. Contains 6 shades as shown, launched last month (woops!).

❷ AUSTRALIS Fake Eye-D Eyeshadow Palette ($24.95)
Also launched last month, a palette with 15 eyeshadows. Mix of mattes and shimmers.

❸ AUSTRALIS Queen C Cream & Powder Contouring & Highlighting Kit ($19.95)
I LOVE the play on names for these new babies! Fun! This kit contains a range of cream and powder shades for contouring and highlighting. Been on counters since last month as well. 

❹ A'KIN Hydrating Antioxidant Day Cream ($39.95/50mL)
I've been getting into the higher-end skincare brands recently. Never felt the need for it, but I've been snatching up so many sale opportunities that I think it's safe to say that I'd much prefer higher-end brands when it comes down to skincare.. especially for moisturisers! Thought I'd feature this one, which is formulated with organic cocunut water and green tea! 

❺ NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Kit ($79/36 shades)
If this was available a few years back, the 18-year-old me would've broke the piggybank and go straight for this kit with 36-minis, no doubt. I still really like the look of this, but I'm not a fan of the formula. Not creamy enough, and slips around too much on the lips. 

If you fancy the formula, then mate, you're in!

(lmao, felt like that was the most Australian thing I've ever said... yes/no?)

❻ PALMER'S Flipbalm ($5.99/3 flavours)
Not sure if anyone has seen these around.. Flipbalms! Haha. Like an EOS lip balm, but flippable. Available in three flavours: Juicy Watermelon, Creamy Coconut and Ripe Mango. 

And that wraps up the last #NOC post of this year. Pretty bland this month.

You'd think there'll be products cluttering hoping to debut for Christmas, but Christmas listings actually launched some time ago. Besides, I absolutely dislike Christmas listings!!

There are so many gift packs containing products that are already made available. Not enough new, innovative products, ya feel?

Definitely will hunt for Palmer's Flipbalms during my next visit to Priceline.

Other products? Meh, not so much. 

I'm off to Jervis Bay for a few days tomorrow, and then a week later, off on a cruise (not sure where I'm going) until the 19th!

Catch you all soon. 


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