13 November 2016

EXPERIENCE: Brows Feathering

I've recently got tatted up, yes!

Two tramp stamps on ma face, because one is not enough.

I've been wanting to get this done for a while now, but kept putting it off. I wasn't sure if I wanted a tattoo stuck on my face forever. 

Thoughts that ran through my head: 
  • What if they aren't even?
  • What if the one day, browless becomes the new trend?
  • What if I wake up one day and wanted more angular brows? Heck, what if I feel like Nike-shaped brows? 

I won't get to shape my brows differently if I get them feathered!

But yeah, I decided to yolo and get them done anyways. 


My mum is the Guinea piglet. She had hers done in Vietnam and they look quite nice and natural, unlike those Sharpie-inspired brows that I've seen from most tattoo jobs... Not a fan.

So her brow tattooist came over to Sydney. My mum quickly urged me to get my brows done since my natural brows are very uneven. One side long, one side short, one side higher and one side was lower.

'Very uneven' is an understatement.

BEFORE: Thick brows, no shape, uneven (one had a tail, one was straight).. *squeals*

Adding to that, I am a shit brow-er. Unlike most girls nowadays, with mad brow-drawing skills... Fade in the front, with the perfect arch and tail... My drawn brows usually looked something like this... 

I kid you not!

I told Mama, "yeah I'll get it done. Book me in". Then I cancelled. Then this convo repeated a few times, until I've finally gathered my guts and went ahead with the procedure. "My brows are already so bad, can't get any worse" I thought to myself. 

We spent 45 minutes drawing the shape. I made sure to get good looks of it. The tattooist drew for me two different brows style on both sides. One side was a Korean-style brow shape, and the other side, she called it "Thai-style".

Korean-style: A bit on the thicker side, very straight, almost no arch. Very uzzlang-esque.
Thai-style: Pretty much your average brow shape. Visible arch and thinner. 

I went with the Thai-style, with little arch. Of course, I could've asked for a higher arch, but I hate that look on me. Makes me look like a grumpy betch. And my brow hairs don't really allow it. My brows are naturally quite straight. 

I also liked that the Thai-style was thinner, as I could go ahead and alter its shape and thickness if I wanted to, later.

Felt like ant bites on your brows. My tattooist gave me breaks whenever it hurted too much, but otherwise, it was nothing unbearable. No nappies were used during the procedure.

This is coming from someone who can't really tolerate pain too, by the way... So....don't be afraid guys! No pain, no gain ya know.

P.S. I've chosen black as my colour. You could go ahead and do tones of browns, but I thought black would be more suitable for my natural hair colour, and would suit all shades of hair colour in case I wanted to go redhead or blonde in the future!

Yes, I've got everything figured out. I wish I was this thoughtful for everything else in my life.

I had this done on my very first day back to uni at 9AM. Uni started at 1. My brows were slightly swollen, but calmed down in time for uni.

They were DARK. Not Sharpie-like, but maybe half its intensity. I had to pile on a full face of makeup and play up my eyes so my brows would balance out and look "normal".

I was told not to draw over it, however, having foundation over it was OK. I wouldn't recommend foundation over your brows though, if you DO get this done. It made my brows look blue, lol. Just play up your eyes and glam up. Everything will look fine. I also found wearing my glasses helped to take away the attention from my dark brows.

Brows now (slightly darkened with brow pencil)

My brows took a week to peel.

It faded to a dark grey, with very slight blue undertones. Not too noticeable, I don't mind it. I usually go over the top with a dab of brown to fix its undertone and darken it a bit. Eventually that blue tinge faded away, so now, it's a medium grey.

>> You'd say, "What's the point of getting a brow tattoo if you're going to have to draw them anyways?".

>> I'd say, "I just want them shaped so I don't have to shape them every morning. Will also be a breeze for me when it comes down to plucking and trimming. They still look good without any brow products on top. Anymore effort is just a bonus!".

So yes, I love my tramp stamps. Nowadays, I spend roughly 20 minutes on my face for uni. So quickkkk. Costs of feathering can range from $300-400. Mine was home-job, so it only costed me $150.

I'd highly recommend these feather tattoos if you're a shit brow-doer. However, please pick a good salon, or tattooist.

PLEASE bring 1-2 people with sharp eyes for details to go along with you when you get this done, so they can comment on the trial shape. Whether it's even and is of a good size for your facial frame and size. I brought my mum and sister along. Probably best to not bring your boyfriend or brother ay.

Don't kill me boyz.

A few more snaps of what my brows look like nowadays:

Hope you've found this post helpful!!!

Feel free to email me, or message me on my social platforms if you have any questions!
I am, in no ways, a professional, but could still give you some advices (I'll try).


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