14 March 2015

Sat-Swatches: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes

Yay! This post is finally going up!

Lippy swatching is one of my favourite posts to do! Why? Because I LOVE lippies, AND I LOVE selfies! Hooray! A bit of a camwhore-r here, if you couldn't already tell!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes for today's feature, one of my favourite lip products.

It's soft, formula-wise and how it looks like on the lips.

Depending on the shade, the pigmentation may not be one-layer-level opaque. For some shades, it may take two, and for one of these shades, it definitely applies streaky. However, I really enjoy the formula of these. They feel like nothing on the lips and gives a soft look.

Top: Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo
Bottom: Stockholm, Tokyo, Milan, Antwerp

The downfall: they're only semi-matte and the lighter shades aren't very long-lasting. Perhaps semi-matte because they're labelled to be "soft matte". However, as for their lasting power, the darker shades do stain, therefore will [appear to] last longer.

They wear without drying for the first fewer hours, but after a few hours, you could definitely feel the colour sinking in between the lines~ Only slight touch up is required for the darker hues, but I'm sure full reapplication will be needed for the lighter ones!


Tokyo, let's get this one out of the way! It looks incredibly UNflattering on me. It's my skin tone up against the coolness and paleness of the shade! It's also extremely streaky, for me.

Stockholm is one of my favourite nudes. I used to wear it to uni with subtly smoked out bronze eyeliner. LOVE! It's kinda salmon-toned, so it doesn't take too much effort to pull off. Has never made me look dead anyways.

Milan is one I thought I'd really like since the shade on the packaging looks like it's totes ma thang. But on the lips, it's a tad cool-toned for me. My skintone can still pull it off, however, it's not my favourite pick~

Antwerp, one of my favourites! Never knew I had it until I dug it out from my collection! The colour on the packaging is soo pretty. Such a lovely coral. It goes on nicely, and looks lovely too. I wish it was a tad brighter though. Would add a nice oomph.

Addis Ababa is the most disappointing of the bunch. Not for anything, but the shade. It just doesn't look like its packaging. It applies totally different, extremely toned down! Only looks slightly different and deeper than Milan, methinks.

Amsterdam, another one that I never knew I had! It's warm-toned, like a tomato-red. The brighter of the two reds I own. Will find more occasions to sport this ^_^

Monte Carlo is the shade that I've used the MOST. It's my go-to red for clubbing nights before Rimmel's Provocalips stepped into ma life. Mainly because it's the most long-lasting out of my reds, and the formula stains and is pretty transfer-resistant.

Swatches done! I used to own one more, which I mentioned as part of my top 5 pinks in 2014. Sadly, not too long ago, I found it in my sister's room BROKEN!

That feel when your sibling uses your items and doesn't take good care of it. Urgh. #TFW.

Have you ever tried these Soft Matte Lip Cremes?!

If you haven't you definitely should! I don't think they're worth the Australian RRP, however, their eBay price? Definitely worth it! Just make sure to pick your shades wisely (and do some more research).

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. 


  1. I actually have two of these! I wasn't impressed at first but then I grew to like them. I think 'soft matte' is right on the ball because they're not your typical matte creams. They don't dry out your lips but that also explains why it doesn't last as long. haha

    Love the red shades on you!

    p.s hi, long time no talk. ;)

  2. Absolutely stunning! Personally I think all the shades look great on you, but my favourite would have to be the second shade, Stockholm. I have a few of these but have only tried them once or twice.. may have to pull them out again for another go. xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  3. Such bold beautiful shades but I must agree not worth the AU price tag!

  4. eeee these are some of my absolute favourite lip products ! and they look absolutely stunning on you xx

  5. Stockholm would probably have to be my favourite! Great post X


  6. Wow, I love Stockholm on you! It's gorgeous. I'm not a fan of the Aussie prices either, but they do go on sale quite frequently at Target (30%)


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