16 March 2015

Mani-Monday: Scuba Diving in the Sea-quins!

This is probably the most blingy combo I've ever whipped up.

I felt blue a few days ago, but I didn't feel like Serenity, nor did I feel like the regular candy blues. I was looking for something extremely blingy, so as I scanned through my nail collection, there was Sea-quins by Maybelline ($5.95), which I've never used before.

I whipped on two coats of that, but because it's so chunky, it didn't cover every space of my nails. I would've needed quite a few coats for it to be 100% opaque.

So the second time I tried it, I reached for Let's Go Scuba Diving by Face Of Australia (discontinued, $4.95) to use as a base. Very similar teal colour to Sea-quins, so I figured it'd be perfect!

And it IS!

It's one of the prettiest blue blings I've ever had on ma nails!

With Let's Go Scuba Diving as a coat, I only needed two thin coats of Sea-quins for the blingy effect, without having to worry about any gaps~

So glad to have Sea-quins in my collection, although I don't ever remember purchasing it. Eep. I was never sent any Maybelline products though, so it must be my sister who purchased it!

I think this may be the only polish I have from Maybelline's SEQUINS range, so... you know what that means...

Need to look for more! Heheh..

Disclosure: Products were purchased by me.


  1. Wowza! I absolutely LOVE this nail look! It really has a lot of depth even though it's basically all one colour. Looks all mermaid-like ;)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. This post is awesome! Thank you for sharing it!
    Incredibly interesting! Great job!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  3. This is a great combo!!! It's a beautiful blue against your skin!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  4. Such a beautiful blue !!! Really suits your blog haha


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