24 March 2015

#FFS Tuesday!

OK. I follow a blogger who does this weekly post of FFS Friday, where we get to peek through her personal life AND her struggles (usually has to do with moherhood). It's Beautifully Glossy, so let me just give cute credits to her!

Mine's a bit off today, FFS Tuesday.


Because today (Tuesday) has been a poo day. Totally shit. Unluckiest day ever! Let me run you through okay?

After Mum has left for Vietnam, sister won't accompany with house chores. FFS.

She's 20, not 12. FFS.

Kept waking up so many times throughout my sleep last night. FFS.

Did two baskets of laundry, and the moment I finish, walked in, it started to sprinkle. FFS.

Now I have no pants to wear. FFS.

Dropped by Priceline for their 40% OFF sale, couldn't find Australis' Lash Length Extensions mascara. FFS.

With thoughts that they had discontinued my close-to-HG mascara, my heart sank to my stomach. FFS.

Drove so far for nothing. FFS.

Drove outside of car park, hit the curb so hard that my tyre popped. FFS.

My mum would kill me if she knows about this... FML.

Called a male-friend to rescue, and he half comforted me, but also half scolded. FFS.

Came home for another sandwich, and found out that the next slice had mould. I ate a pair in the morning without realising... FFS & FML.

Had to go replace that whole tyre, $140 gone and I'm already so short on moola. FFS.

Came home and sister had an asthma attack, so had to take her to hospital. Kinda FFS. Just because all these are coming after one another!

Whole day ate only 1 pair of sandwich, stomach was hungry af... FFS. 

Despite these shit coming after one another, there were some yays of the day:

Male friend came to rescue me! YAY!

A random boy approached me and asked if I needed help when my tyre popped! YAY!

So many people offered to come help me! YAY!

This boy, probably the quietest boy on Earth, drove me to find the exact same wheel! YAY!

We talked, and I got to know a tad more about him! YAY! SUPER YAY!

(I've known him for two years and max we've talked is probably like, 50 lines. He is that quiet).

My Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz also arrived today! YAY! 

Yay for longer, lasting brows~

Okay, that's enough for today. I'm sure you've had enough of me. I'll get back to beauty blogging soon. This week has just been hectic...

May things be better tomorrow... I've been so tired of everything.

1 comment :

  1. What a crazy day!!! I have also had the realisation that I may have ate a sandwich that was mouldy..... too late now!
    xx Kat @ Katness


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