21 July 2014

Face Of Australia Dark Side Collection: Wicked Witch of the West


Finally getting down to post about these! Unlike the other times where one post each collection, I thought I'd post a shade a day!

This collection is made for Winter/Autumn. The dark shades it features are perfectly suited for those who are seasonal-trendy!

We'll start off with Wicked Witch of the West. I rarely go green, in fact, I've only ever favourited less than a handful of green nail colours that I've tried. They're just not my thang, and this one is also not an exception.

It applies beautifully, and hopefully this smooth and silky formula will run to be identical for other shades of this collection, including a duo-chromatic shade they have. Oh, and on another note, I very much prefer these new bottle shapes than their old boring squared bottles. What do you think of these new bottle shapes of FOA's collection? 

Anyways, getting down to the shade, I don't like greens, but when I saw my sister wore this... I truly thought it looked fab on her. It's such a lovely forest green, and suited her much more than me. Or perhaps it's just one of those products that I'd prefer on others, but not myself. You feel me? :P

Overall, I personally think it's a lovely colour. One of a kind within the "drugstores" in Australia (unless you're looking at Ulta3). If you're a big fan of greens like this, then do give this a go!

Yes. The collection is limited edition, so go grab em'!

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Face Of Australia Dark Side Collection, $4.95, 8 shades, available at Priceline, Big W and Face Of Australia stockists. 

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review consideration only. I was not obligated to review nor mention this product. All opinions expressed in this post are of my own and remains to be unbiased/untruthful. 


  1. Not a colour I would have chosen by looking at the bottle but it looks so good on the nails!! Will keep a look out for it. xx - www.lostinlashes.com

  2. Such a damn pretty color! I totally would wear that all year long even! I love greens!

  3. Oww I have had my eye on this polish!!
    I love the name it drew me too it!
    I adore the colour it is so unique and not something I would normally go for!
    xo Holly xo



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