09 July 2014

{UPDATED} Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- July 2014

*9 July: Bumping this post. Added some new products that I've forgot.


Yes, another month has already passed. Here we are again with another launch post... There's quite a few egg-citing launches this month, so buckle your seat and leggo!


Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara ($23)
Yeap, another mascara. Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde (with a fancy 'e') is a volumising mascara that gives lustre to the eyelashes, making them appear fuller. The wand features "wraparound spherical bristles" that helps to coat and define without clumps.

Australis (yay!)

  • Cray for Colour Eyeshadow Stick ($8.95/8 shades) -- Bold and long-lasting creamy eyeshadow pencil, Also waterproof, and can be used as an eyeliner when applied thinly. 
  • Cray for Lips Gloss Stick ($7.95/6 shades) -- Nourishing and hydrating vibrant lip gloss crayon with a glossy finish.

Ardell Curvy! Lashes ($10.99/6 styles)
God, I've never featured Ardell since I've started my blog...... but, they have new lash launches! Here they are... 

Not a big follower of false lashes, so I'll pass on these...

Designer Brands

  • Lightweight Oil Free Foundation ($12.99/4 shades) -- Lightweight, light-to-medium buildable liquid foundation with SPf15. Offers a soft, smooth finish. Claims to be suitable for all skin types. 
  • Longwear 24 Hour Foundation ($12.99/4 shades) -- A long-lasting, light-weight liquid foundation that offers a flawless complexion. Glides seamlessly onto the skin and offers full coverage.

essie Encrusted Collection ($16.95/6 shades)
A new limited edition collection by essie. VERY GLITTERY. FEATURES CAVIAR-LIKE BEADS, HYPER-REFLECTIVE GLITTERS AND THE FINEST HOLOGRAPHIC MATERIALS. Yeaaaaaa, they just look really lovely! Oh, I'm excited to see them in stores, and swatches of em' online (cause they are just unaffordable for my budget right now). 

Oh, they look so gorgeous....!

Innoxa Renew Erase Serum Foundation ($26.95/5 shades)
Another foundation! So many foundations this month. This one offers the benefits of a serum, but in a long-lasting coverage foundation. Silicon-based, hydrating and moisturising, calming, reduces skin irritation, offers medium to full coverage and has a matte finish. God, can't remember the last time I've featured a foundation with this many claims.. o_o"

essence Dark Romance Collection

  • Body Tattoos ($3.50)
  • Cream Highlighter ($5.35)
  • Eye Pencil ($2.35)
  • Lip Gloss Effect ($3.50/2 shades)
  • Lipstick ($3.50/2 shades)
  • Nail Art Decoration Kit
  • Nail Polish ($3.25/4 shades)
  • Quattro Eyeshadow ($5.35/2 shades)
  • Velvet Mousse Blush ($4.50/2 shades)
Ooooh, I don't use mousse blushers, but the one in this collection may just enable me!

Sally Hansen Colour Frenzy Nail Collection ($9.95/a few shades)
No idea how many shades are featured in this collection, but I've only seen them featured in Chemist Warehouse's catalogue! They're on sale at the moment, yes! Only for $6.69 a bottle. Go wild! 

Should look something like this

*Added 9 July...

Australis Pout Pastes ($12.95/2 shades)
Two NEW shades for this range, by Australis. I've reviewed and swatched the 3 original shades from this collection here if you're interested.

Face Of Australia
Newbies by Face Of Autralia. Includes their new HD Primer (available from April supposedly) and Face Cleansing Oil ($13.95/125mL). I won't include too much details, but you can take a glimpse at both products at their site.

And yes, I don't have their press images, so here are screenshots from their website! :P

Ah, that's all for this month. I'm sure I've missed a few new launches. IF you know of any other new products, please share! Highly appreciated. Besides that, let me know what YOU'RE eye-ing by going wild with this poll...

I'm eye-ing....
Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara
Australis Cray for Colour Eyeshadow Stick
Australis Cray for Lips Gloss Stick
Ardell Curvy! Lashes
DB Lightweight Oil Free Foundation
DB Longwear 24 Hour Foundation
essie Encrusted Collection
Innoxa Renew Erase Serum Foundation
essence Dark Romance Collection
Sally Hansen Colour Frenzy Nail Collection
Poll Maker

*Still messing around with this Poll-maker, so please be patient if it's not functioning very well! Be sure to leave me a comment if it doesn't!


  1. Oh god Australis, those names, Cray for colour? No! I'm a huge fan of eyeshadow sticks though, so I will check them out. The Essie collection looks amazing too! I wish I could afford more nail polish!
    The Essence Dark Romance collection looks great, but I nothing really catches my eye. I'll look at the eyeshadow palettes though, and maybe the cream highlighter.

    1. The poll didn't work for me :( Told me I didn't have the right account to access that page and I should sign out...
      Also the links on the page seem to link to unrelated products on ebay?

    2. Ahhh! Sorry dearies! I'll try to get it working soon! Thank you so much for your feedbacks and comments!

  2. Lusting over the new essie polishes!!!!!! Another good month of releases!
    Poll also told me I don't have access with my email. =(
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  3. Essence new collection!!! But I need to control my spending.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  4. Essence new collection!!! But I need to control my spending.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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  6. I'm eyeing on the Sally Hansen nail polishes! I hope it won't be that difficult to remove.


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