11 April 2014

Drugstore Beauty Launches for Australia -- April 2014

Hey guys! I'm late again :(

Sorry, this first week of April is actually when assessments are due, and tests begin for two of the language classes I'm taking. Yosh, Chinese and Japanese baby!

I'm still on to my FOA Screen Siren swatch post, please be patient! I appreciate it very muchies :P


Manicare Facial Cleansing Brush ($11.95)
I've received this in my mail box right after publishing last month's launch post... >_<
This brush, however, is supposed to gentle exfoliate the skin whilst effectively removing embedded impurities that a make-up pad or cotton wool can't get to. Described to be suitable for all skin types. Deep cleanses when used in conjunction with your daily cleanser. It's like a toothbrush for your face!!

Available at Priceline and selected pharmacies only. 

Nivea Q10 Plus CC Cream ($19.55/1 shade)
Half skincare, half cosmetics... kinda. A multi-tasking moisturiser (moisturiser?!??!) that provides colour correction and Q10 anti-wrinkle properties in one simple step. Sounds alot like a tinted moisturiser to me... Eep. Has anyone tried?

Innoxa Skin Perfecting BB Powder 5 in 1 ($26.95/2 shades)
Described be a lightweight multi-tasking powder, it is supposed to help:
  • Improve the skin's texture
  • Minimise skin imperfections
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines & pores
  • Absorb excess oil
  • Correct the skin tone
  • Calm & sooth
Fragrance free, with a fancy anti-ageing formula. 

Revlon ColourBurst Balm Stain/Matte Balm/Lacquer Balm 
Okay, I'm sure you've heard a TONNE about these. Especially with the BOGO offer at Priceline which ended recently. 
  • Balm Stains: Offers a lightweight flush of colour, comfortable and moisturising, and has a slight peppermint fragrance.
  • Matte Balms: Offers a medium-buildable colour payoff with a true matte finish. Also contains peppermint fragrance. Available in 10 shades.
  • Lacquer Balms: Medium-buildable colour payoff with a high shine finish. Also contains peppermint fragrance. Available in 10 shades.

I haven't tried these, but I've swatched them in store. I'm actually not too interested in any other ranges besides the Matte Balm range. I felt like the Lacquer Balm range was really sheer though, and that the Balm Stain range didn't really excite me. I do wonder if it actually stains though, or does it only provide the "stained-look", hence why they're described to provide a "light-weight flush of colour".

Face Of Australia High Definition Primer ($13.95)
I know they've always had their 4-in-1 base primer, but here's one that's "specially formulated to help make-up glide on easily". Has a lightweight formula, described to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and large pores, and is suitable for sensitive skin.


  • Complexion Perfection Foundation Sponge ($5.95) -- An application sponge which is designed for fast and flawless foundation application.
  • Tinted Lip Balms ($4.95) -- Aww!! These look so cute! They are a limited edition collection. Buttery lip balms that delivers a low-sheen colour with high moisture. 

NP Set Eye Slicks ($14/3 shades)
A creamy eyeshadow with a cream-to-powder formula that's described to "last without creasing". 

Eek... Some new launches by Physician Formula. Urghhhhhh, Why do I feel like they release such similar sets of products every 2-3 months, but in different packaging? The products don't seem to make a hit, and they are bloody pricey.  

  • Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes ($24.95)
  • Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Airbrushing Bronzing Veil - Deluxe Edition ($29.95)

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint ($24.95/6 shades)
I'm sure you guys have seen these in store! I think it may have been released last month... This foundation features a lightweight formula, and offers a "nude velvet finish".  Although I don't know what that actually means, I must say that I'm in LOVE with how it looks! The packaging is oh so nice! *-*

essence Metal Glam Collection
A spankin' new collection by essence!! Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Credits to Beauty In China >

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Eye Shadow ($4.50/4 shades) -- Highly pigmented, metallic-based eyeshadow.
  • Lip Gloss ($3.50/3 shades) -- Shimmery lip gloss for the "metallic effect".
  • Highlighting Powder ($5.35) -- A white hold highlighting power with a soft cream texture (?) and subtle shimmers.
  • Blush ($4.95) -- A cream blush, offers a powdery apricot finish (?)
  • Stick-on Jewels ($3.50/1 style) -- Stick on jewels for the body.
  • Nail Polish ($2.95/4 shades) -- Long-lasting metallic nail lacquers.
  • Gold Topper ($3.50) -- Top coat with gold flakes.
  • Nail Stickers ($3.50/3 styles) -- High-shine metallic nail stickers.
  • Stick On Eyeliner ($3.50/1 style) -- Adhesive stick-on eyeliners. Reusable.............?!

Ahhh, as much as I love seeing new collections by essence, the way they describe their products are just whack. What is a an "apricot finish"? A highlighting powder with a "soft cream texture"? And.. reusable stick-on eyeliners!?!?!?!?

No waaaaaaay. 

And that's all for this month! I apologise that this is a late post, but I had a loooooooooot to do!
As per usual, let me know...

How do you like the products this month?
Which ones have you already tried?

I've actually went to purchase the Gold Topper from essence's Metal Glam collection. Nagging my sister to do a NOTD-duo post with me, featuring the lacquer. Hopefully, she'll get to it soon, since I'm done with my part!

Besides that, I also tried to get my hands on the Revlon Matte Balms when they were on BOGOF at Priceline, but the shades I wanted was sold out!!!!! Urgghhhh. Can only cross my fingers and toes that I can find them at the markets. My heart pains paying the full price, haha.

Time for me to get down to my overly-late FOA Screen Siren Collection post.. Please look out for that!

Thank you for reading, and being patient with me!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!



  1. So many awesome releases! Although those Essence ones are described super weird! :S

  2. hahaha yes "spankin' "- good word choice :p
    I've been waiting for a while for physicians formula face and eyes palette though not really sure if I'd need it . . . it's just too pretty *o* and I'm really grateful that you do these Aus release posts because they're really helpful ~!

  3. LOVE the L'oreal foundation! The Essence descriptions are weird.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. Ooh tons of exciting things! The FOA primer sounds promising and the L'oreal packaging is just so fancy! Yay for Essence.

  5. "Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Airbrushing Bronzing Veil - Deluxe Edition ($29.95)"

    Lol, no.

    Why is Physician's Formula so hideously overpriced in Australia? That's just so crazy. $5 more and I could buy a NARS concealer.

    That Manicare face brush does resemble a giant round toothbrush, lol. The FOA primer sounds promising though I never quite got on with their original primer which was oft-raved about. I found it only worked well with NARS Sheer Glow, which already is an amazing foundation by itself, so not sure how much the primer played a part in making any difference.


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