16 April 2014

Face Of Australia Limited Edition Screen Siren Nail Polish Collection

Ola my beautifools.

FINALLY, got around to editing photos for Face Of Australia's latest limited edition nail collection, Screen Siren. I've swatched these a while ago (same with their Lasting Looks lippies), but just never had time to get around to editing them. 

Finally finally finally!

"Inspired by one of the most beauty screen siren, Marilyn Monroe", this collection features 4 nude shades [to suit all skin tones], 3 pops of colours and a matte top coat.

The idea is nice, but it's a bit odd to have half the collection nude-based. Maybe if you're a nude-nails lover, but for me, I'd definitely be more egg-cited for others.

On the brighter side though, I like the mix of brights and nudes. I can imagine some of the prettiest manicures with the mix of these poppy colours and nude-toned beiges. Only imagining though, since I am one of your worst bets at nail art. -.-"

Isn't It Delicious? is a bright persian green. It was my first pick to swatch when my sister laid them out on the desk! It's so bright, so pretty. Looks great whether glossy or matte. Definitely a must-own shade of this collection, methinks. 

I'm not sure why, but the bottle I own of this shade is a bit thick, hence the blotchy application. Even after added thinner. I think I'd have to put my sister to blame for this! The first time I used it, it was fine... meep.

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend is a bright, bright fuchsia. This was my sister's first pick when she unboxed my parcel (she always does this!). According to her, this bright fuchsia colour could "stop the traffic", because it's THAT bright. I must agree though, it's holy golly BRIGHT.

Looks better glossy, in my opinion. What do ya think?

Some Like It Hot is a bright pumpkin orange. On my tanned skin, this shade stands out a lot. I'm not too sure how I feel about the orange colour. I've always loved cute corals, but orange has always been a bit intimidating, I feel. Unlike Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, I feel like this looks better matte than glossy. 

As for the four nudes, it'll be helpful to note that two are more yellow-toned and two are more pink-toned. We'll start off with the more yellow-toned nudes.

Travilla is the lighter, yellow-toned nude colour. It's a light almond colour. A very clean colour to wear, although it makes my tanned hands look a bit darker than it already is. I like this in both finishes, but I could picture mattifying this and combining it with a glossy black for some chic nail art. Someone give my suggestion a go and tell me how it goes please. My executions just never goes well ._."

Oh, FOA's fun fact! Did you know that Travilla is the name of the costume designer who created Marilyn';s famous white dress that blew up when she was standing above the subway gate? 

Bombshell. A dark vanilla colour. Still yellow-toned, but a tad darker than Travilla. Although I did say that Travilla is a tad too light for my hands, I feel like this is just too spot-on for my hands. I'm fussy, I know! This is just too spot-on for my skin-tone that it just looks a bit too norm. Looking for a shade in between of Travilla and Bombshell.............. Zzz. 

Now onto the pink-toned beiges...

 I'm not too sure how to feel about both pink-toned shades. I feel like the yellow-toned ones suits me better, so I have no comment for these. They're not bad, but it wholely depends on what you like. They are nice to own, but most likely crossed-off my list if I were to go out to purchase these. 

No Angel is the lighter one of the two pink-toned nudes. I'm not sure why, but in the photo, it looks more pink and less beige than what it really is.

Monroe, the last of the bunch! A dark vanilla colour. Not bad, but I'd much prefer sandy-toned beiges!

The formula for these are just right. Really nice and easy to apply. Pigmented too. The nudes are close to being non-streaky, so they'll take you zero skill to work with!

Once again, I'm super sorry for the late swatches. This should have been done earlier, but twas' impossible. The collection is still in stores though, so if you're eye-ing any of these shades, make sure to add them to your cart!

Which shades are your favourite?
In which finish?

I personally love Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend its glossy finish, and Isn't It Delicious? in both finishes!

Face Of Australia Screen Siren Collection, $4.95 each, available at Priceline, Big W and other FOA stockists.

Disclaimer: This collection was provided by Face Of Australia for review consideration only. I am/was not obliged to review, nor feature any of these products. All opinions within this post remains truthful, and unbiased.


  1. I love the look of these. Might have to pick some up! I really like Isn't it delicious? And Travilla. How many layers do these take to be opaque?

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I forgot to mention! All swatches are taken with 3 coats, but 2 will do just fine too! ^_^ xx

  2. I remember the first time I saw them in store and was amazed at the bright shades!! So affordable!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  3. Oh wowza! These polishes are amazing! I love them glossy but the matte finish is great! I would love the green and a nude and pink! Your nails look amazing btw!

  4. I picked up 2 of the nude shades a few days ago and I love them! Those bright colours don't compliment my skin tone as much as yours though :)

  5. Gorgeous swatches! I ended up picking up this entire collection, how could I not? :)


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