08 January 2014

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish in Razzleberry

Another nail post!

Since I've returned from Vietnam, I've been sleeping til 4pm every single day, so I haven't been able to trial alot of the make-up that I've bought (sadly). I've only been using nail polishes, so expect more nail posts!

Also, not to mention that I've also purchased alooooooot of nail polishes from Vietnam! A haul post will be up soon.. ^-^ However! I guess the amount of nail polishes purchased from Vietnam is just not enough... for my sister. About two days after returning from Vietnam, my sister dropped down to Priceline and decided to purchase [about] 5 shades of Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat range, a range of sandy-textured lacquers.

Or, maybe she's just became a hoarder like me! You can say that she have learnt from the best (or maybe the "worst", in this case), I guess...

This one here, Razzleberry, is a medium-toned blue. The bottle instructs "Apply 2 thin coats", but I still prefer 3 coats, so that the "sugar" or sandy bits can be even all over the nail.

Don't get me wrooong! The formula applies really smooth, but with sandy-finished lacquers, I always like to make sure the whole nail covered in even texture :P

I do have a good impression of the blue shade, but I absolutely hate how hard it is to remove these sandy-textured lacquers, despite using PVA glue as a peel off base. I'd still find myself running around the house looking for nail polish remover to remove this completely. Grrr. I guess it's all up to you to decide whetehr it's worth it or not.

I really liked sandy-textured lacquers the first time I had them, but I think I'm just getting over this trend >_<

Overall, pretty colour, and not a bad range! I still have a few more shades to go through, including a white one, which is preeeeeetty exciting! I can imagine pairing that white one with some cute pastel colours for nail art. *-*

But if I could remember correctly, I always imagine only, since things just never work out -.-" We'll just have to see how my nail art skills go, I think! :P

Have you tried other shades of this Sugar Coat range?
What do you think?

I've still yet to see what other shades there are, but I'm hoping my sister picked out some nice shades (since she has a pretty bad taste, but please don't tell her that... *rolls eye* hehe).

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Lacquers, $9.95, 7 shades, available at Priceline, K-Mart, Big W, Target and other S.H. stockists.


  1. I envy your nail polish application skills! ):

  2. I'm still loving the sandy nail polishes :P like the FOA carnivale.
    These look nice too~

  3. Love these, but hate that the Sally Hansen collections always bring out 8 colours in the US, but only 7 in Australia - what's the deal with that! Our missing colour from this range was a gorgeous yellow, which I managed to get off ebay, and definitely worth it!
    I loved this colour though, definitely gorgeous! xx

  4. I'm a bit on the fence with textured polishes but the colour of this one is very eye-catching! The bright blue reminds me a bit of a lighter Mariah Carey for OPI 'Get Your Number' which is a Liquid Sand polish :) Just minus the sparkling silver bits.

  5. Your nails look great. I'm terrible at applying it on myself.

  6. That sugar coat looks AMAZING on you but I'm personally still a little unsure as to what textured nail polishes do for my nails because every time I've used them, they always look funny! Maybe I just need to get used to it :)



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