06 January 2014

Face Of Australia Glossy Lip Crayons

Hi u. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would've known that, after returning from Vietnam, I was greeted by a care parcel from Face Of Australia that included their latest range of Glossy Lip Crayons! 

Unfortunately, most of the products melted into the cap! Probably sat out in the sun for yonks, before my sister's boyfriend came to pick them up from my home. Must confess that I broke down a tad inside when I saw how terribly melted the products were! The wax separated from the actual product, so sad to say, but I will not be reviewing these as the formula has probably changed alot from how it's suppose to be. 

Putting that aside, the range features 7 lovely shades, ranging from neutral browns to the wearable pinks and bolds. 

Apple Crumble, Peach Parfait, Raspberry Coulis, Jam Fancy, Berry Brulee, Pie La Mode, Pecan Pie

Okay, lets get down each shade individually! 

Apple Crumble, the only red within the collection! Not sure which tone this one sides with, but the shade glided on to be fairly opaque. Love how this one contained no shimmers as opposed to some of the other ones.. 

Peach Parfait! Sounds familiar huh? Yeap. Similar to Revlon's Peach Parfait, this one also contains alot of shimmers! My lip swatch of this shade is horrrrible (but I can't help it). As you can see, there's a flake fest on ma lips with a bit of patchiness. Doesn't look too bad from afar, but you will probably never see me with this shade again! I dislike shimmery lip products so much, and the shimmers in this will never look forgivable unless my lips are in perfect condition! Huhuhu..

Forgot to mention that it's also sheerer than the other shades, so if you have pigmented lips... I'd suggest you consider this carefully!

Jam Fancy is another that you'd like to consider carefully if you have pigmented lips and/or you can't stand pearly lip products and/or your lips are flaky 99% of the time. This one is more pearly than Peach Parfait, and at the same time, is much sheerer too. Which actually means that the more you pack, the more colour you get, but at the same time... the more pearly it is. *-* 

Looks forgivable in this full face photo, but honestly not my cuppa tea! 

Raspberry Coulis reminds me alot of Revlon's Sweet Tart in terms of the coverage it offers and its glossiness, but I'm pretty sure Raspberry Coulis is just abit more warm-toned and a tad brighter. These pinks are easy to wear for me, so I will be makin' good use of this one!

Berry Brulee is probably the only shade of the collection that strucks me! You'd think it's pretty strange as I've never liked nor have I wanted to explore the world of purple lip colours. It's just too bold and daring for me.. But this shade is soooo gorgeous. It also applies wonderfully well for me. Non-patchy and opaque, with no shimmers.

Pie La Mode -- Okay, I can't really say the same for browns. I've yet to find any interest in them, but if you do, this one's quite nice. As you can see, it sits on the lips sooo nicely, is pigmented and yes, it also looks a tad matte here. The glossiness wore off because my mum was talking a tad too much to me when all I wanted was to focus on my lip swatches! Hmph!

Pecan Pie -- I know the photo is a bit warm-toned here, but hopefully you can still get the general idea! Finally found a wearable nude in gloss stick form which won't cake around the flakes of my lips too much! 

Well then, that's all 7 shades of the range! If you've noticed, yes, I've also cut my hair short. I've had long hair for the 20 years of my existence and enough is enough! No more long hair! 

But getting back on topic..

Which of these shades do you like most?
Will you be adding these Glossy Lip Crayons to your cart?

Oh, I forgot to mention that these are also vanilla-scented, so please keep that in mind before purchasing! 

Face Of Australia Glossy Lip Crayons, $4.95 (3.8g), available at Priceline, K-Mart, Big W, fashionaddict.com.au, and makeupexpress.com.au. 

*Disclaimer: These products were provided for review consideration. My opinions and comments within this post remains to be uninfluenced and unbiased.


  1. Oh my gosh, every single shade looks stunning on you...okay, maybe Peach Parfait wasn't fabulous, but the rest look beautiful on you! x

  2. Ooh Raspberry Coulis, Berry Brulee and Pecan Pie all look gorgeous on you! Will have to check these out - they're very well priced! I have the ones from the trio - I really like the formula though those shades weren't my favourite.

    x Tashi

  3. I totally prefer glossy shades and Peach Parfait, Raspberry Coulis and Pecan pie are sooooo up my alley! They all you beautiful on you, striking on your fair skin! Too bad some of them look so bad after wear time!

  4. I like the look of Raspberry Coulis! RIP lip crayons :( That's a shame but at least you could still swatch them.

  5. I'm liking the prices of them! The berry and raspberry are my faves! I love your eyeliner too!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  6. Ohhh no :( What a shame. I love the colour range... and the price :)

  7. You got a gorgeous tan!!! I cant believe theyre priced at $5!

  8. Berry Brulee looks nice, but as I still have the 3 set when they first came out I won't be buying them for a while. :P


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